Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful, high quality product.

I love ND products. I own the Camel eye shadow palette and the Mini Nude eyeshadow palette and they are two of the best neutral eye palettes I own...high quality powders that are highly saturated, blend seamlessly, and wear well throughout the day. This palette is no a beautiful product. This product is all over Instagram and a lot of beauty influencers are in love with it, and for good reason. I want to love this product so badly, and keep it, but I am not 100% sure it is right for me and my skin tone. Let me start with the good. The packaging is gorgeous! I love that Natasha added a lid to contain and protect the cream products from the powder. The size of the compact and the generous size mirror makes it perfect for summer travel. It is really all you need to do a summer glow look on vacation. Just add mascara and you are good to go. The products are beautiful...the bronzer blends like a dream. It looks dark, but it blends seamlessly. I am light skinned in the winter and medium in the summer...I can wear the bronzer and it looks great on me applied as a bronzer and blush...I think because it has a red undertone. (As a point of reference, I wear Fenty's Inda Sun in the winter and Shady Biz in the summer.) It is not an orangey bronzer. Now for the not so good, but this is really applicable to me and my skin tone. The Glow Cream Base does not really work as a highlighter for me, it is too dark. Instead of brightening the high points of my face, like the tops of my cheekbones, it casts a shadow. The Super Glow does work on me. The Glow Impact Powder is very bright and will give you a glass-like finish. For my skin texture, I do not want to emphasize the fine lines around my eyes and this seems to enhance the texture of my skin. Many have compared this to Anastasia's Amrezy highlighter. So out of the 4 products, really only two work well for me. I could use the other two products in a different way, for example, on the eyes. But I am not sure for the money it is worth it - for me. Natasha claims it is wearable on all skin tones and has even done a video demonstrating this on models with different skin. While I do think for the most part she is right, I think it probably works BEST on medium to darker skin tones and WOC. This would look amazing on darker skin tones and WOC, in fact if you fall in that category I would run to buy one of these. But for me, while I can make it work, I am just not 100% convinced it is perfect for me and worth the investment. I think that Fenty's Shady Biz works better on me as a bronzer. I wish Natasha would come out with one for light to medium skin tones, using the same tones in the palette, especially a lighter cream base. Overall though it is a beautiful product.

These are the only eye brushes you need! Exquisite quality, functional eye brushes well worth the investment!

The Wayne Goss Eye Set contains 5 of the best eye brushes I own. The quality of these brushes is superb and they blend eyeshadow like a dream. They literally do all the work for you. You can create an entire eye look with this set. My favorite brushes are 17, 18 and 19. If you are familiar with MAC 217 and Zoeva 227, then you will love the Wayne Goss 18. Since getting this set, the 18 brush has replaced my MAC 217. Similarly, if you know MAC's 221 then you will love Wayne Goss is fantastic for sweeping color under the lower lash line. I also use it for sweeping color close to the upper lash line, and packing on color to create a 'V' on the outer corner. The 17 is a fantastic multi-tasking eye brush, in fact, Mel Thompson names it as the one eye brush she would choose if she could only keep one eye brush. It is a little more tapered so you can use it to deposit and blend color on the outer part of eye, inner crease, and you can even use it to tap color onto the lid. The 16 & 20 are also great brushes. Once you use these brushes you will toss all of your other eye brushes. They are amazing quality, apply and blend eyeshadow like a pro, and worth the investment. Thank you Wayne Goss for making these gorgeous brushes!

Fantastic face oil for the money!

I took a chance on this face oil, I was a little hesitant because I am unfamiliar with the Good Molecules brand. I was pleasantly surprised. Packaging is adorable, and because it is so small, it makes it great for travel, including airline travel. The consistency of the oil is perfect. It's not too heavy like some other oils I've tried, where it is sticky on the skin. And it's not too light, for example, like the Caudalie oil, which is very thin and light. The Good Molecules oil is perfect. It spreads easily onto the skin and absorbs nicely. I use it in the evening and by morning my skin is hydrated and supple. I like that the ingredients are simple. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is I wish it had a pleasing scent. It actually doesn't have any scent, which, for those of you who prefer unscented oils then this would be perfect for you! I still like it though, enough to repurchase and try other products in the line.

Exquisite quality, functional brushes you will actually use, and worth the money

This was my first order from Beautylish. My order came in 2-days and was impeccably and thoughtfully wrapped, it was almost like opening a present! I own quite a collection of brushes, too many for not being a makeup artist. I hesitated because I really do not need any brushes. I am so glad I ordered these. I have officially retired all of my other face brushes. These 5 brushes are all you need to do your face. The quality is superb. The ferrule is gorgeous and comfortable to hold. The brush hairs are very soft and feel wonderful. Yet, they are firm enough to pick up product and apply and blend beautifully. The Inochige Pro picks up bronzer applies it and blends it gorgeously. The Cheek Pro is the perfect size for applying blusher exactly where you need it. I had tried the MAC 168 and the Sigma F40. I found them to be too small and too compact to blend (especially the MAC 168) not to mention they are synthetic. The Face Pro - and all of these in this Face Set - are made of real hair and it really makes a difference with application and blending. The other thing I like about this set is ALL of the brushes are actually usable! (You know when you buy a set and really only 1 or 2 are usable?) The largest brush is perfect for applying powder or buffing. The fan brush is perfect for powder highlighters. These brushes are definitely a luxury item to own, but once you get your hands on them you will really enjoy them. They are an investment and because they are so well made if you take care of them they should last you a lifetime. Highly, highly recommend these. Well done Sonia G!