Beauty Product Reviews

I really wanted to

I really wanted to love this foundation but unfortunately I just really hate it. I like a full coverage matte look. I go through several steps to make sure my face looks flawless and I just couldn't get there with this product. I actually purchased both buttercup and porcelain to get the right color and while it is a good match color wise that's the only good thing I can say. I start with Marc Jacobs coconut primer, Dior flash spray base, and then my liquid foundation followed usually by my it powder foundation and finish with Dior flash matte spray (ridiculous I know) This has always worked so my skin looks smooth and doesn't budge. I literally didn't want to walk out the door with this on but I didn't have time to start over. It separates, looks patchy and I don't have dry skin. I just really really hate it, wish I could get my 88+ back, hopefully mixing with other products will help. If you're a fan of blotchy coverage go for it if not I'd look look elsewhere.

Awesome <3

I love this product, this one was basically the only one available or I would've went for a less expensive but I'm still head over heels for it. I love it for personal use as I'm never able to use a foundation straight out of the bottle, I usually have to mix 2-3 different shades to get the perfect color and it makes it so convenient having it on the back of my hand. Super love on clients, they think it is just so cute and it makes it so much easier for not having to reach back and fourth my mixing palette. I feel overall more professional with it, even if it a bright blue glittery heart lol. Just get it you won't regret it!

I absolutely love this mask, I love all the glam glow masks actually. I first purchased the small set that had the three different masks in small sizes and the three eye treatments. I don't necessarily care for the eye treatment, however the masks are my new obsession. I used the whole entire contents of the small kit in about a weeks time but I did use them every nite(I would recommend putting your 69$ toward a full jar).My skin has never looked or felt so amazing. I use the super mud, then the youth mud then the thirsty mud and my skin feels like velvet. As a mua the most important thing is having a flawless canvas, and that's what this delivers. Glamglow is having a buy one get one of the same product free and I bought all if them including the power mud (not the eye treatments however). It's a heavy price tag for all at once but considering I know I'm going to be a lifetime user it's worth it to my budget. Getting two of these for the price of one is worth it in my book, I highly recommend giving these masks a chance I'm so glad I did!