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Beauty Product Reviews

  • Sin

I usually am a little skeptical of primers because they seem to be a little pricey for their size, but of course, this product is definitely an exception since I am willing to spend the extra dollars for it! I probably have one of the sweatiest eyes out there because I used to always have 'panda eyes' at the end of the day even when I used other primers. I mostly used cheaper eye primers like from coastal scents and local drug stores but I was tired of these panda eyes and decided to invest in a good, well known primer. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the shade Sin is perfect for nights out, your eyeshadow lasts all day, all night! This one night, me being a lazy person, did not wash off my make-up and woke up with some fresh looking eye shadow on!:) Another awesome thing about this shade of primer is that it looks like a beautiful glittery neutral brown shade too!

I LOVE this product! It comes on very smoothly, blends easily, and is super moisturizing! It gives you a somewhat 'dewy' look, where your skin looks hydrated, smooth, and flawless. I usually only stick to my one foundation, which is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra because I love the light weight feeling, but I think one of the most important thing about this Laura Mercier Creme Smooth foundation is that it also feels lightweight, but has even more coverage than the Urban Decay one. The Laura Mercier foundation is definitely for those who are looking for medium-heavy coverage, moisturizing base, NO SPF (no shine in photos), but most importantly, a comfortable, long-lasting foundation!