Beauty Product Reviews

Simply Beautiful

I've only been using a little in the morning for a few days, but I love the smell (I know a lot of people say that they don't like the smell, but it reminds me of European beauty products, just luxury) and the beautiful glow that it leaves on the skin and the feeling of luxury that I feel when I use it, is just wonderful. At first it reminded me of La Mer's night cream, that I had to stop using because it was too heavy for my skin and caused break outs, but Magic Cream has been divine... I'll have to pray that I'll be able to afford more!

Great Skin tone match!

With the help of the beauty consultant on this site (She is more awesome, than you can ever imagine) I was able to choose the correct shade, because despite being African American, I'm usually not the deepest shade in a color palette. I really like the dewy finish (my skin can be combination, but tends to be on the drier side, but I also used Magic Cream & Wonder glow underneath) the foundation (which I have on in this pic, along with CT lip products) and I love all the products together, especially when topped with FILMSTAR (MY FAVORITE)

I haven't worn this foundation alone, but I love that it's as light as a tinted moisturizer and that there isn't a lot of blending to make it work well, not to mention that you can apply it with your fingers, to get the best finish. It's quick and seamless.

Very pretty subtle glow, which is especially important to me, because I'm in my 40's

Love the GLOW!

I have to say, I haven't seen a lot of African American women reviewing CT, especially with my skin tone, so I was excited to try this product and see if I could achieve something close to the women in the CT tutorial. I think that WONDER GLOW IS VERY GOOD, I'm 42 almost 43 yrs old, I don't mind time marching on, I just don't want it marching over my face!lol I take great care of my skin, drink only water and stay out of the sun, plus use a sunscreen, but still find that, the luminosity that my skin had even 10 yrs ago, it not the same. In the photo attached, I'm wearing all CT facial and lip products, I think that paired together (even before I put the FILMSTAR ON, which I LOVE) the overall affect is a soft lit from within glow. I didn't see any obvious glittery glow (my skin is dry, but I did use MAGIC CREAM underneath) as stated in another review, just a nice soft finish.

I love the over all look it gave me

I would say that I think this product is GREAT, but I don think that alone,the glow, isn't as significant as when I pair it with the CT foundation and then the real star for the look that I was trying to achieve (a glamorous glow) is topping the total look with the Filmstar

African American skins tone -Overall good buy!

I have a medium African American skin tone with yellow undertones (think a little like Jada Pickett-Smith) and I tried Filmstar because I've watched all of Charlotte Tilbury's tutorials and searched the net for every review I could find for some one (found a few british black women reviewing other products) people with a similar skin tone, to see if the product would work for me! I didn't find any, so I took a chance!

Well, I do like the product a lot, if the bronzer were just tad deeper for added definition in the hollow, I would be ecstatic about the product! I love the fine milled consistency of both products (bronzer & highlighter) and I do get a very subtle definition from the bronzer, because it is so close to me skin tone, it would probably show up more, if I used it a little like a blush, sweeping it to the hollow;to draw the eye there. Black skin has lighter and darker tones to the skin, so often times the hollow is already naturally a little darker going toward the jaw line.

I also have to use an angled stiff brush and get a fair amount of bronzer on the brush for it to show the effect that I'm use to. However, the highlighter , is the star for me. It is beautiful, (I usually use Nars Orgasm on top of my cheeks and Benefit highlighter on my forehead and nose/a light cream champagne colored stick) but CT's Filmstar gives a true lite from within glow, without looking too glittery and matches my undertones perfectly (because my natural undertones are yellow) and I used it in my t-zone, (top of cheeks, nose, bow and chin) and my skin is a little dry, so I can't wait to see what it looks like when paired with the Magic cream.

I've had the product for a few days and I may eventually get use to the ever so subtle look of the bronzer and never go back to deeper tones, I never thought I could live without my deeper lip pencil definition either and have since fallen in love with CT's Iconic nude for the invisible definition it gives my nude lip.

Overall, I will repurchase Filmstar, if only for the highlighter


I ordered this along with Penelope pink and and Pillow talk lip liner (which the pillow talk was too light for my skin tone) and let me start by saying that I'm light -medium brown skin tone African American, but I can usually wear all light shades. The combination of the lipstick and lip lacquer were pretty, but I wanted more of a nude lip, not so pinky ,which the combination was more pink than I wanted. I rather the Penelope pink and Bardot beige combo.Seduction was pretty, not too much slip or stick and if you love CT and just love her complete look. I would say that this is a pretty subtle pink. However, I much prefer her lipstick-Lip lacquer combos than her lip lacquer alone.

Too Pale

I have light-medium brown African American skin and usually have no problem with any brown or pinky nudes being flattering on me, even when it's just a case of it not being a shade that I preferred. However, Pillow Talk (which I noticed that CT uses a lot in her tutorials) on me, looks like it has been left on my mouth after my lipstick had worn off...totally not flattering on me, no real pigmentation and a disappointment. When I swatched it on my hand, it looked fine, but not on my face. I have Iconic nude lip pencil that works well on me, even after I first put it on, with the Bardot beige lip lacquer (Couple with Penelope Pink ) and it works, but the Pillow Talk, just doesn't work on me,even after putting on the Penelope Pink Lipstick and Seduction Lip lacquer and/or Bardot beige lip lacquer.

Decent shade-African American skin

I am the first African American that I can find on line to try these items from this line! but I was debating on Bitch Perfect, Stoned Rose, Hepburn Honey & Nude Kate for a nude that would work on me, the examples of darker skin was a little helpful on this site. However, the model's skin tone is much darker than my skin, so it was still really hard. I think that I really want to love this line, because I have watched all the videos of how Charlotte Tilbury can transform a that being said, I do like the color and I like it on my skin, however, I like the lipstick only when coupled with Bardot Beige lip lacquer (not the seduction lip lacquer) shade that is shown in her video and a couple of Youtube videos. It came off too pink and wasn't as opaque as I like. It may have worked better if I had used foundation or concealer as a base before applying the lipstick, but the lipstick alone is not particularly flattering to me.