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Complete Game Changer

Let me start by saying I know, $160 for skincare is a lot. I've eyed this product up for months now but never thought I'd be able to justify the price. With that being said, I don't think I'll ever be without this ever again.

I've recently started treating my acne with accutane, and if you know anything about accutane you know it turns you into a moisture-less dry flakey mess. That was the kicker for me to finally cave in and purchase this.

I just received my jar today, (I know, I know. Using something once and reviewing it sounds like complete bull) but after using this once, 7 hours ago, my skin has changed so dramatically I had to review it immediately. I've never since even 1/10th of a difference from any other product in my life. My skin 7 hours ago and for almost the past month straight has been terribly broken out, extremely red and irritated, puffy and incredibly uncomfortable. I felt relief the second I start massaging this into my skin. Instantly the tender areas felt soothed, any dryness was basically erased and overall my face just felt calmer.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well it gets better.

I just went and looked in the mirror, and VISABLY my skin has already improved. The texture is much smoother and softer. The inflammation from my breakouts has decreased. Some of the redness has calmed down. I'm not dry, not greasy, and still feel moisturized.

Keep in mind my skin has been so irritated and uncomfortable this past month it's literally kept me awake at night. I've tried so many things to give me even slight relief and gotten nothing. This product is hands down a game changer.

Trust me, I'm always skeptical and if I read something like this I'd think "yeah right, no way." But I'm truly 100% in disbelief over how amazing this product is.

If you're experiencing anything like what I've described and you're debating this purchase - do it. Do it right now. It's worth every penny.

My only problem now is picking which May product to spring for next. I wish there was a sampler option so I could try them all because of how pricey they are, but with how impressed I am with this I don't think I'd be let down by anything from this product line.

I honestly don't think there's a person that can't benefit from this

I bought my sensibo during the first launch and got two 500ml and a 250ml, and I ordered even more on the restock. This is an excellent makeup remover, leaves your skin feeling soft and 100% clean and not stripped or dry at all. I use it every morning and every night, and if I'm not wearing makeup I'll use it mid-day just to refresh my face. I have very sensitive combo skin and I'm prone to breakouts so I love having a product I can use as much as I want to keep my face clean with no dryness or irritation. I honestly think I could pour this straight into my eyes and have no irritation whatsoever. I've also definitely noticed less breakouts from using it daily in place of makeup wipes and sometimes even in place of a cleanser.

I waited to make this review until I fully finished a bottle. The 500ml lasted me about 7 weeks with pretty heavy use.

I'm super excited to see beautylish is now stocking the oily skin version of this now as well seeing as summer is coming up, but seeing as I currently have 4 back ups of the sensibo version sadly I don't know that I can justify purchasing it right now, but resisting is proving to be quite the challenge. Hahah