Jahan K.

Location: nun ya business, cali

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About Me

24 yrs old, inspired by all things in beauty!

I have a passion for nails. Nail art, 3d nail art, nail polishes , u name it! Im a big fan. I have quite the stash of polishes. I stumbled across this site by accident. Glad i found it!

Also have a nail blog, check me out at : colormeehdope1@wordpress.com :)

As far as makeup, i dont wear much at all! I keep it pretty natural. But! That doesnt stop me from buying it and being a girl :)

I wear blush just to give me some color and wake me up, and mascara to bring out my long lashes. And eyeliner every now and then when i wanna bring out my eyes even more.

Oh, and some lip color when im feelin' bad :)


Eye Color: Brown
Skin Type: Sensitive, Oily