DIY Lip Scrub That’s Good Enough to Eat!


Has winter left you with Freddy Krueger lips? Ugh, me too. So when my chapstick wasn’t cutting it, I took the opportunity to mix DIY lip scrub. A scrub helps gently remove dead skin and freshen your lips so you can reboot your pout. I didn’t even have to go shopping—everything I needed was in my pantry or medicine cabinet! It took me all of two minutes, and now my lips are baby soft. And as an added bonus—all that massaging left my lips pink and plump! Here’s how to make your own:


DIY Lip Scrub: Ingredients


• 1 tbsp. Vaseline (a natural salve or balm can be substituted if petroleum’s not your bag)
• 1 tbsp. Honey
• 2 tbsp. Sugar (I prefer white—it’s grainier)
• Flavor (here’s where you can get creative—I mixed in a squirt of chocolate syrup, but feel free to use maple, caramel, strawberry, or even a drop or two of your favorite essential oil)

DIY Lip Scrub: Sugar

Combine the ingredients in the container of your choice (a small glass jar works well, or you can re-appropriate an empty moisturizer container), mixing until everything is thoroughly combined. You can add more sugar or more honey depending on how you want the consistency. You can even stir in a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper for a bonus plumping effect.

DIY Lip Scrub: Scrub

Then scoop a silver dollar-sized amount onto your lips (try to resist the urge to eat it!) and slowly massage it in for 1-3 minutes. You can massage with an old toothbrush for extra exfoliation. Then rinse the mixture off your lips and smooth on your favorite lip balm. Now go kiss someone!

DIY Lip Scrub: Honey sugar lip scrub

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