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I'm really obsessed with this blush. I have tried a few cream blushes before and was underwhelmed by all the hype and promises. The packaging is probably the best I've ever seen, sort of paying homage to how remarkable this blush is and reflective of the price making it feel like you are getting what you pay for, high end luxe that doesn't fault. The shade Blossoming is my everyday go to colour. A fresh pinky peach that's super easy to wear. Blossoming really suits my skin tone and adds to that natural, effortless look. The product is very consistent after a few months use, blends ravishingly and feels lovely. I can't wait to buy a few more shades and even another product or two from this line.


Love the super luxe packaging. It feels quite glamorous taking it out of your purse. This highlighter is a pretty, subtle rose gold with a little shimmer. It looks refreshing and effortless. This product blends very easily and it doesn't feel heavy on application. I sometimes add it to my makeup free face just for a more complimenting natural look.

I'm not 100% sold on the colour I chose. I did find that I really had to work and build the colour even on my fair skin. The colour seems different to any of the swatches I have looked at on the net. This duo of colours is ideal for an everyday look or if you are bored of coral and peach colours. I have been using this on my cheeks then "popping" my own peach coloured blush. I was drawn to its more natural tones and they are complimentary. I love the little compact and the two tone idea. The blush does feel nice when on my fingers and it doesn't fall off the brush like some other blushes out there. I would really love to try another colour to see if it's just me or the blush. Either way nice little addition

I am much more happier about this lipstick then I am about bitch perfect. They seem like two different lipsticks instead of just different shades. This is the most amazing berry colour I have ever owned, it has the perfect balance of red and pink. The formulation is very creamy and quite hydrating for a lipstick. I was well impressed with how long I had to go between touch ups. Before application of any lipstick I always exfoliate my lips with a dry toothbrush and slather loads of lanolin on, wait for it to soak in then apply lipstick. This is going to be a new favourite for me and totally surprised at how better it is then the other shade I have.

The colour of this eyeliner is amazing! Ideal for a dramatic effect if you find black too harsh and heavy. This eyeliner lasted well beyond the day. It's pencil form but has a consistency of a liquid eyeliner. You have to work quickly, it won't budge! It can be smudged/smoked out if done right away. I have this in Eye Cheat as well. These eyeliners are a magical addition to any makeup bag!

This is a light to medium coverage foundation, which suite me fine as I hate the over done look. 8 hours since application and it kind of looks missing. For me, I think this could be a very lovely day time foundation. All though in all honesty I actually prefer my cheap garner BB cream. I don't see this as being an everyday favourite or a high impact foundation for special occasions/night time, for me. I guess I just find this an average product compared to other products in Charlotte's makeup line. This is just my experience, foundation is very personal and different for everyone just like their skin. So I'm certain this foundation will be perfect and feel ultra amazing for a lot of people. I recommend trialling at a counter before buying. Unfortunately I'm in Australia so went on a whim but so thankful that beautylish is shipping this way


I do really love the colour of this lipstick, for my fair tones and auburn hair it's an ideal everyday colour. I also find that the lipstick is quite moisturising, but not anymore so that any other product on the market. The only thing that I have found negative in this formulation is the longevity, which in all honesty doesn't disappoint me that much because I have never found a lipstick that stays on all day as well as moisturises. But I do know for some people it could be a let down when considering the $$. I'm not too sure about the packaging. It does remind me of the lipstick cases I would find in my nana's bag as a young child which is sweet but well nana-ish. I would have preferred packaging that represented more high end glamour like some of the other cases in Charlotte's line.


The case is very reminiscent of an old cigarette case, rose gold, making it feel like high end glamour. This is very important to me. This sculpting kit is well suited to my fair to medium skin tone. Accompanied with the sculpting brush, which nestled into the hollows of my cheek perfectly, it's a pretty fool proof system. Such a beautiful product, my favourite so far. The powder lasted all day and gave me a very healthy glow. I love wearing it every day

I was initially a bit wary of purchasing this and thought what the hell. I was very surprised when I first used it, I feared I had gotten a shade too light and would be left with white under my eyes. Surprisingly this concealer blended beautifully underneath my eyes and hides dark circles caused from sleep depravation caused by a toddler and an infant. I always brush a bit of powder on after I have applied this concealer. The design reminds me of ysl's touché eclait (which I think is crap and overpriced). This sh*ts all over ysl

I think this is really amazing value for a really nice set of brushes. All the brushes are beautiful and of exceptional quality. The design of the handles reflects the love that has gone into these brushes. All the brushes are soft and lovely. I haven't had any fall out and each brush is purposeful and works wonderfully!

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