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All of Charlotte's brushes are magnificent and this is no exception. Love the handle and the sleekness of this brush. It's bristles respond beautifully! The square shape seemed a bit odd on inspection but the shape of the brush has worked nicely. No fallout


This really is a beautiful brush, from the top to the bottom. It's incredible soft like a kitten's paw and glides magically. Charlotte really put her good thoughts and intentions into her brushes. The handle of the brush is quite special and really sets it apart from other professional makeup brushes. It just makes putting on makeup that extra special!

Pretty Good!

Nice, beautiful matte colours. Perfect for a more natural look. All the shades in this quad are very useable. This longevity of this product is pretty amazing! I slap my make up on before 7am and by 7pm after running around after a toddler and an infant it's still there. Would love to try more of these quads but a bit scared by all the glitter so this matte selection is enough for me. I do think Charlotte could have treated us with better packaging, just like the packaging from her film star and glow sculpting set....


I didn't think this mascara was anything to rave about. It's a pretty average product when it comes down to it... It doesn't clump on application. It does make my lashes appear longer. It didn't make my lashes appear fuller. I'll be keeping this mascara for daytime and keep searching for something with a bit more drama for night time.

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