Beauty Product Reviews

my mum's favorite. And can be mine, too! The creamy cleanser is very effective to remove any dirt and make ups. Kinda oily and sticky but my skin feel fresh after use

if you search for heavenly drops.. well, this is it.

Classy, and make you feel pretty that day~ :D comments below said she'd wear this product on her wedding day and i have to say THAT I AGREE WITH HER! :D my late mum-in-law used this product too

Very dissapointing as a beauty product :( thank God i didnt have to purchase it myself since it was a gift :( i hardly make any line with this product and the color doesnt sui't any skintone like mine :(

this product is sooo good i melted! the design, as any other products from BS, is very tempting. And This product is rich in moisturizing dry lips as mine need. It's just because it's too oily so it is not suitable as a lipstick base. Therefore better to use before you go to bed ;))