The Body Shop

Coconut Lip Butter


Claire D.

like every body shop product,the scent is great.

I like the texture of it,and if you like lip butters than you will love this one like I do.Itz amazing and fills my lips with moisture.:)

Melanie G.
a must!

Ooooooh! i've just stumbled across this product again, I had it a couple of years ago and loved it! I had this one and the mango version, they smell amazing and are really thick and moisturising. will definitely be buying again soon.

Yessica E.

this product is sooo good i melted! the design, as any other products from BS, is very tempting. And This product is rich in moisturizing dry lips as mine need. It's just because it's too oily so it is not suitable as a lipstick base. Therefore better to use before you go to bed ;))

Roxanne A.

i really like this product it is a very great lip moisturiser and i lasts really long for me. and it smells amazing. someone bought it for me and it was nearly gone and i lost it so i bought a new one along with the mango lip butter and that too is AMAZING.