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Soft and different enough from the first face pro set

Soft and brushes overall are a bit smaller/flattened ferrul and allow for more precision compared to the first face pro set. The fan brush is larger compared to the 1st set

More of a collectors item

The brush handles are beautiful but I i feel slightly let down by the quality of Brushes itself. The brushes arent as tightly packed/enough bristles and hence i prefer my sonia G/wayne goss/usual chikuhodo. Dont regret buying it though as it is more for collectors piece than an everyday brush. But would recommend the others if you really do want to use this set as everyday brushes.

super soft and dense enough

I bought this after falling in love with the Z4 and Z8.

Bought this pointy-er one to apply highlighting powder under the eye and its perfect.

Photos attached from left to right is the Z2, Z8, Z4, Suqqu cheek brush and Suqqu powder brush.

I find the bristles on these Chikuhodo softer and more dense and much would recommend this above the Suqqu, esp given Suqqu's price (all the writing has worn off also).

Super soft and fluffy

This brush is as Wayne describes on his youtube channel, very soft and for a soft diffusing application. The bristles are long, fanned out and very soft, so don't expect application to pack a punch.

Pic attached from top to bottom is the WG Holiday brush 2015, this holiday brush, Air brush, Air brush in pink, Suqqu cheek brush

Chunky and glittery mess

I ordered peach goddess before and it was very hard, like hard pan, although the colour was very nice.

Decided to give this summer collection a go, since the packaging looks so nice.

Unfortunately its a chunky glittery mess. With finger application, the powder is chunky and uneven, with a brush there is a crazy amount of glittery fall out.

Very disappointing.

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Not that great

I bought this after reading reviews of the great durability/staying power and not smudging.

I have hooded eyelids which can get oily after a few hours, so it is very difficult to find eyeliners which stay on and don't smudge/leave me with panda eyes.

Sadly this didn't live up to its hype. Still smudged after 3-4 hours of wear.

Love these highlighters

Absolutely love these enhancer drops. They add a metallic bling like no other. Top to Bottom: Moonlight, Celestial and blossom.

Moonlight has a more goldeny sheen, celestial more silvery with a hint of pink. I bought these 2 first and loved them so decided to buy the latest Blossom shade. It is as advertised and gives a very nice metallic pink glow.

You can definately sheer these out with a beauty blender before they set for a more 'natural' glow or dap them onto the center of the lids for more of a BAM glow. Love them!

Truly softer than the old ones

Just received this set in the post. I have a few of the old face set (12, 13, 15) which I have placed next to this new set for comparison. This new set is truly softer compared to the older oones (the old ones are already SUPER soft). I love these brushes, they are super high quality, and to be honest I prefer them to my suqqu/hakuhodo brushes.

They pick up powder very well. Most of the new brushes are meant to be denser too, 12 and 13 tend to get fluffier with use (hence the old ones look slightly fluffier than the new ones that just came out of the plastic wrapping)

I would definitely recommend this to people looking to invest in a set, hand made by Japanese artisans, excellent quality, and actually cheaper compared to brands like hakuhodo/suqqu.

Slightly drying

I prefer the CT lip liner over this by terry one. This is more drying and exaggerated my lip lines. The sharpener that comes with the lip liner is AMAZING. Better than any other brand I've used.

Super high quality for the price.

I have the suqqu cheeek brush and the wayne goss number 2 brush. Because of the shape of the ferrule I prefer using this brush for contouring/applying blush in a more 'cut' way. Its AMAZING quality for the price. When this came back in stock I ordered 2 more as spares. love love love.

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