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Beauty Product Reviews

I have dry sensitive skin but the other reviews convinced me to give it a try. This felt great and I loved the immediate results but it broke me out.

Once I figured out how to best use it, I'm in love. Unlike regular Bioderma, I place this in my hand, rub on my face and then wipe with a cotton pad. Placing directly on a cotton pad wastes the product as it it thicker than regular Bioderma. I use this when I want to remove my makeup and the other when I just want a quick cleanse.

Bioderma and a cotton pad have replaced wipes for me. I use it for a quick clean when I'm not wearing makeup and to remove makeup. It does remove my eye makeup (even waterproof) if I hold the wet cotton pad on my eye for about 30 seconds.

I switched to the blue bottle for the winter, but I can't tell a difference.

It's a great moisturizer, but it's not unique enough to justify the price tag. I'll happily finish the jar. If it were 1/2 the price, I'd be tempted to repurchase.