Beauty Product Reviews

I love it!

I bought this lip stain and I tried it on and OMG. it looked amazing! I was taking all my makeup off and going to sleep and it literally wouldn't come off! I went to sleep with it on and it was still on in the morning! I thought it was crazy and it was great and unlike a lipstick or lipgloss it wouldn't come off in your pillow or something. now I tried the lip stain on maybe 3 hours before sleep so it wasn't on the whole day but the fact that it was still on the next morning shows it is great and will stay on. the only problem I had with it is the color was flame so i thought it would be coral or red but I put it on my arm and it was pink. the pink was nice anyway and I think putting the balm over it made it better or a lipgloss from ulta I put over it and I looked nice too. well this stuff is great and I recommend:)