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Beauty Product Reviews

I bought this pallet several months ago and have used it everyday since! Every single color in it is perfect. I really love how Too Faced provided 9 colors total, but divided them into 3 groups to achieve specific looks for the appropriate time of day or occasion. This is my favorite eye shadow palette to date, and I would recommend it to all!

LOVE!!! This is by far one of my favorite Benefit products. I have a pale skin tone, and definitely did not think this would look good on me. I decided to be spontaneous and experiment with it, and it turns out it was the best thing that ever happened to me (in the makeup world, of course). I love the color, especially in the summer time. It gives my skin almost a bronzed type feel with a hint of blush. The sun-kissed glow I got from it was only more accentuated when I added Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl over it. I highly recommend trying the two together, you won't be disappointed!

The actual primer itself works pretty well, it has it's on and off days. Sometimes it works amazingly well, and keeps my eyeshadow on from morning til night... but other times, half way through the day, I notice my eyeshadow making that horrid clumped line in the middle of my lid. Benefit did not do the best job with the bottle itself. When you pump for more primer, too much always comes out, and you are left with excess product that usually goes to waste. The pump accidentely just pumps too much out at once, and almost jumps out at you, instead of smoothly, slowly, and in small amounts coming out of the pump.

Obsessed!!! Adding "girl meets pearl" to my cheeks on top of Benefit's Dallas is a makeup lover's dream! I have pretty fair colored skin, and this product mixed with an amazing bronzer or powder adds the perfect highlight to accent your facial structure. Before, I never thought I had any sort of bone structure or angles, but when using Girl Meets Pearl, I feel like my face has so much more volume. Love love love!

This liquid eyeliner has it's pros and cons. I love the concept, and initially it feels like a little magic wand. I love how easy it is to swipe across your eyelid. Unfortunately, I love a good jet black eyeliner, and this one just didn't do it for me. When putting the eyeliner on after applying my eyeshadow, it sort of blended in, and almost looked like a charcoal grey color. Also, the brush itself is not super flexible, and instead it is actually pretty stiff. This gives limitations and restrictions to the angles and thickness of the line you want to draw on your eye. Overall, it's a good start to a liquid eyeliner pen, but I would recommend Stila's liquid eyeliner pen or Kat Von D's eyeliner.