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Moisturizer with Organic Ingredients- Tighten Up


Citrus Scented Light Moisturizer

I've used this moisturizer for over a year now both for my face and body and I completely agree with @JessicaB. ~ it does firm slightly but not to where it's remarkably noticable or miraculous. It is great for a super light daytime moisturizer to use beneath your makeup. I found that it absorbs rather quickly (at least for my dry skin) and leaves behind a citrus herbaly scent. If you are used to natural scented products already, you'll be comfortable with the strong lemongrass aroma that only lasts for a few minutes and then fades.

Jessica B.

This moisturizer is definitely firming, but it's not a miracle worker. It gives the skin on my thighs the feeling of a girdle without the discomfort of one. It smells kind of like a plant nursery to me, but with a twist of lime. I tend to like more natural scents, but I can see how this one might be overpowering. However, it doesn't linger. One major issue I had with this product is that it takes awhile to absorb into your skin. If you don't mind taking an extra minute to rub it in, it's worth trying.