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Pretty but meh

It's a super pretty color!!! The name and the pictures of it are very misleading though! I swatches it in the store and when I brought it home it was a totally different color..... It was also like a bit oily when I first opened it... Both are gorgeous colors thought and as I'm using it more and more it gets better and prettier.... It's very pretty

Best highlighter ever

I have the mini size (which lasts forever!) and plan to get the full size when it runs out! It gives a beautiful pearly shine


A must have product!

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Love love love

Super moisturizing and smells and tastes great I love how the holographic affect is faint on the lips (just enough where you can tell quite what color it is) I would be curious to see what it looks like in backlight...


This palate is really great! My go to eyeshadows because you can create ANY look with them and it works on every skin tone! All my friends ask to use it because it's truly beautiful

All the colors are highly pigmented and gorgeous The shimmery shadows look like liquid metal on the eyes and I plan on buying some of them full size

Definitely a must have for beginners and professionals It is so worth it too because it lasts FOREVER :)

Almost perfect

I love love love the brush! It is cute and super functional and gets the mascara completely coating my lashes... Absolutely genius

But I'm not the formulas #1 fan.... The formula definitely is not every day mascara The effect I get is usually fake looking but definitely not like fake lashes I really like it for when I'm going for a super glam look though

Overall, I like this product and would recommend it :)


SUPER cute!!! Love the packaging and the look of these! They are cute and make great gifts! BUT They really don't do much... I found with one of them it was very grainy and gross Another felt like I had a later of wax on my lips With all if them I had to constantly re-apply it

If you do want to try them, I recommend the mint or summer fruit (summer fruit was the original) (Mint is the only one you don't have to constantly re-apply)

Even so... None of them are super moisturizing... I was so disappointed because they were super cute