Beauty Product Reviews

Very drying.

This product dried out my undereye area and it's way too bright. It highlighted my undereye darkness. Sadly to say, it's going back. I think using an overall face primer on your face, including the eye area does the trick of keeping eye make up on and creasing to a minimum.

Beyond Waterproof.

This mascara is way too much for me. It doesn't come off my lashes even with waterproof make up remover. It's lethal which doesn't feel right for your eyes. My lashes were falling out because I was working so hard to get this stuff off. I moved on to Definicils Precious Cells by Lancome and it's truly an amazing mascara.

Beyond the best mascara, I've tried.

I have a handful of mascaras and have some faves I've sworn by before but this one is it. It's formula is supposedly great for your lashes but it also gives the perfect as natural as you can get gorgeous long lashes look. Of course pile it on for a more dramatic look and it will take you there. I love this mascara. I don't think its available in waterproof which is what I used to wear BUT it doesn't smear or flake. I've tried it with watery eyes and at the beach and was fine. Very happy. **I use the "Precious Cells" version which I'm not sure if it's on this site.

Best Face Primer!

This by far is the best face primer! It feels like velvet on your skin. It has spf and it just works! I wore it on a 100 degree day and it oil controlled my face and kept my make up on the entire day. I was amazed. I'm officially a fan.

Love it but only for night.

This eye cream is amazing for getting rid of any fine lines under the eye and giving major moisture to the eye area. Little too heavy for day time use under the under eye concealer but it's perfect for as a night time repair cream.