Beauty Product Reviews

Favourite Bronzer Brush!!!

Absolutely love this brush! It is a oval ferrule (i.e. round & flat) which makes it perfect for diffusing my bronzer placenent precisely where I want it 😍. The goat hair mix gives this brush the right strength to both pickup and blend amazingly well.


I am officially a collector of Sonia G brushes!! I don't need anymore brushes but if she comes out with a brush she says is "perfect for stroking your face while you sleep & will make the man of your dreams appear at your beck & call" - I will not only believe her, I will run out and buy it! She just makes magic happen with her tools.

You can go no wrong with whatever Sonia G brushes you get to be honest. However, I will say that for me, I have larger lid space so I am glad I have the pro set and would recommend that if you are the same. This set, whilst not exclusively for hooded eyes, will suit that eye shape perfectly because of the smaller blending brushes. Glad to have both because I love her brand/quality.

YIKES, I'm In Trouble!

In short, amazing brushes! Loving every SINGLE one of them, I find myself contemplating ordering another- especially the eye set! This is such a dangerous territory for my addictive personality... If only beautylish will stop sending me those "Pssst!...." emails - HELP!