Beauty Product Reviews

Best concealer

I used to breakout from using under-eye concealers, but this one works fantastically! It really lasts all day and so easy to use, no brushes needed. The consistency is really light and that surprised me for how well the coverage was. I suggest you go to a store and ask an associate to do a shade match. The great thing with Smashbox, the shade you use for one product is usually the same one you use for their other makeup products.

Lasts and brightens!

Great primer, easy to use/wipe off, lasts all day and night for me (and I have oily skin). I have tried other products, and have noticed a crease. Whereas, with this primer, no creases! The lovely ladies at Sephora actually gave me a sample - that went away quickly. Ended up going back and buying this size... totally worth it, makeup junkies!