Beauty Product Reviews

After years, I still cant find anything better!

I have to remove a star as I know this is terrible for the environment and our bodies, but this really is the best topcoat I've ever found. The smell is awful so crack a window or get some air moving while in use, but even so, it's a must-have. It dries to the touch very fast and holds up better than anything I've tried. I feel like most people don't know to use this, but YOU SHOULD BE APPLYING THIS TO WET, FRESHLY POLISHED NAILS per the company's instructions. Paint your 2 coats and once your done, gently apply this overtop. Anyone I've ever known who hates the product applies it when their polish is dry. I have to say, try it again! It does get thick once the bottle gets low, but Seche Vite does make a product to restore the consistency that will remedy that.

Well made and just the right size for at-home use.

I'm not a makeup artist but I do love this palette anyway. I actually purchased this to help me get out the door faster in the morning and it's helped me do that and more. I often put foundation on the back of my hand or work product into the bristles of a brush on the back of my hand and find myself scrubbing those long-wearing formulas off for 5 minutes while I'm headed out the door in the morning. Most days I need that 5 minutes back so I bought this to keep the makeup off my skin and help get me out the door. It's perfect for that use but I also love to use it at any other time that I want to mix lip colors together, use a mixing fluid with pigments, tap off excess product on a brush, etc.. It's not flimsy or too heavy and wipes cleans pretty easily. The adjustable strap lets me cinch it onto my hand or wrist, and keeps those hard-to-remove products off my skin - I cant say I miss that! I'm not into anything super girly or glittery and love the varying design options as well - this one suits my minimal personality just perfectly.

Moisturizing and gentle!

I loved this product and wish that it would return to Beautylish :( I recently switched over to another brand, and don't find it to be quite as moisturizing on my brushes as this cleanser was. I haven't this on my synthetic brushes, only on my natural hair Goss brushes. It left the natural hairs feeling gently but thoroughly cleaned and soft, just like new. Please bring this back, Beautylish!

There's nothing like it and that's why you need it

There's really nothing quite like the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder after a couple years owning it, I just cant seem to stray. The texture is beautifully soft and blends like a dream. While it is tiny in size, the product just lasts and lasts. I've been using this with my Wayne Goss #14 brush and the's really the ideal combo - you cant overdo your contour. I recently hit pan and because the product is so delicate, the entire remainder of the pan broke split into several pieces. I only just started getting brave enough to travel with it, but wish the packaging helped protect it a bit better. Regardless, it is a beautiful product that produces a realistic shadow that won't have you looking orange. Will absolutely repurchase and I'm so glad they've expanded the shade range. It's a must have!

Everyday Essential!

Don't let the small size fool you — this tiny kit is not only great for travel, but you'll find yourself reaching for it at home too. Like all other Tweezerman products, the quality is top notch and just last and last. I have many other nail tools and still find myself reaching for these when I do my own manicures because they stand up to the abuse and dont need replacing. I don't find that they're too small that they're difficult to use in comparison to full size tools. If I have one complaint, it's that after a year (and not so gentle handling), the case has started to crack a bit. Not a big deal for me, but worth mention.

Long Wearing Addiction!

I'm going to warn you...once you try these, you cant stop! I came across Smith and Cult polishes a couple years ago and instantly fell in love with the packaging. I've been repurchasing since as my go-to high end polish. The packaging prompted me to purchase initially but I've found that they wear longer than most of the polishes I own and are easier to apply. Every single shade is really stunning — I could really pick anything at random and be satisfied, but Doe My Dear is really a great everyday stunner that's not too grey and not too mauve. I get so many compliments every time I wear these polishes as they're very modern shades and are just slightly more attractive than similar trendy shades out on the market. The formula seems to self level, and applies like a dream. I own hundreds of polishes, but I always go back to Smith & Cult because I always love the result.