London Brush Company

Vegan Solid Brush Shampoo


Samantha J.
Best Brush Cleanser Ever

I love this brush cleaner. I love it so much I have both Goatmilk and Vegan versions because the vegan one works better with my synthetics and the goatmilk does really well with the natural hair brushes like my Hakuhodos and London Brush Company Brushes. My vegan brushes are super fine, (they are also LBC and some bdellium) and I want to clean them deeply, and the vegan cleaner gets it all out really fast. Synthetics take longer to dry so I do my cleaning at the end of the day and leave them to dry over night. This is about the only cleanser that makes the hair not clump together but be fluffy again after drying. I really recommend this product. In my opinion it is the best cleaner out there and sanitizes too because it has tea tree. Must Have!

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Hayley F.
Gentle Brush Cleaner

Washing your brushes is an essential component to keeping them in perfect condition. I love the London Brush Company brush cleaner because it is gentle but effective. My brushes are left clean, soft, and ready to use. It is important to not only invest in your brushes but invest in their care. I make sure to wash mine on a weekly basis. This is one of the only cleansers that I have found that doesn't leave my brushes scratchy.

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Karen H.

Love this brush cleaner. I use it for all of my brushes, high to low end. I think this product cleans brushes very well. It will last you 'forever'.

Amanda B.
Moisturizing and gentle!

I loved this product and wish that it would return to Beautylish :( I recently switched over to another brand, and don't find it to be quite as moisturizing on my brushes as this cleanser was. I haven't this on my synthetic brushes, only on my natural hair Goss brushes. It left the natural hairs feeling gently but thoroughly cleaned and soft, just like new. Please bring this back, Beautylish!