Beauty Product Reviews

Natural and Beautiful !!

I absolutely love this lip conditioner! Arabian Knights is a beautiful sheer 'berry stain' color which as you probably already know, is popular nowadays. It's hydrating just like a lip balm with amazing ingredients. It's not opaque but ilia has lipsticks if opacity is what you're looking for. This lip conditioner is not overly slippery or tacky but feels more like a traditional softer lip balm. The picture I've attached is a swatch and is as buildable as it gets. It's perfect if you don't want to worry about having to be 100% precise when applying. I use this at work when I don't want something that I have to use a mirror or lip brush to apply. I would recommend ilia's lip conditioners to anyone who wants beautiful, wearable colors and clean, organic ingredients !

Almost perfect!

I absolutely LOVE the way this feels on the lips. It's not tacky or slippery but the perfect balmy texture. It's also super moisturizing and lasts all night while I sleep. The only issue I have with it is that it has such a strong fragrance. Smells like rose water plus old lady perfume (no offense). Aside from the perfume scent, the balm is perfect!

Natural dewy glow

This is amazing if you want a natural dewy glow. Not too buildable so if you want the drastic highlighting, this may not be the product for you. I use this with my uncover up to look like I naturally have flawless skin. This is perfect for the winter months since it's so hydrating.

Super hydrating!

I love these lippies! Sublime is just the perfect amount of pink for a natural, subtle barbie-like pink pout. I've been struggling to find a baby pink for my skin tone and this one is PERFECT for Olive /NC25-30 complexions.

Drying and flakey

I purchased this lipstick in two shades (Coachella coral & night crimson). While Coachella coral is moisturizing this one is super drying. It settles into the fine lines of my lips after about an hour and looks flakey. With that being said, it's a gorgeous buildable deep wine color. In the picture I provided, there is a heavy swatch and a smudged swatch which I like for a stained effect on the lips. It has a satin finish and a sweet vanilla-like sent.


I purchased two different shades (Coachella Coral and Night Crimson) and this one is super drying. it's somewhat matte but glides on smoothly without any tugging. It settles into the fine lines of my lips within an hour and looks flakey as well. The other color I purchased didn't do this so I'm pretty sure either I got this one from a bad batch or this dark shade just happens to be of poor quality. With that being said, the color is nice and extremely pigmented. It's a deep burgundy wine color on me and makes a lovely color for a stained effect but doesn't actually stain the lips. The picture I took shows it swatched with 2 swipes and then lightly smudged as a stain.