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What is that awful smell?

I love most Bioderma products and have been using the shower cream for over a year now. Cost effective & gentle on my very sensitive skin. Also, clean delicate scent. I thought to try this out for a change. Maybe it’s better? It most certainly is not. The biggest fail is the scent and I wonder if I got a bad bottle? It smells like a used paint brush that’s been sitting in water for a couple days. Second fail was very little lather. I will be returning which is always a pain to do online but I can’t even give this away. What a bummer

Literally did nothing

I love this line of shampoo & conditioner but this product missed the mark. I used accordingly and it did not act like a dry shampoo. At all!!! Sometimes I use them for volume and it couldn’t even deliver in that dept. I purchase travel size and lasted half the time of popular competitors. Way overpriced. Two stars for scent & packaging. I feel like I threw money down a garbage disposal.

Quickly healed chapped skin from making out!!

My guy has a rough beard and so i get the inevitable flaky irritated chin. I thought maybe this would work to speed up healing and it did not disapoint! Within 48hrs my skin was back to normal. A must for anyone who makes out with bearded men :)

Switched to Sebium and Loving it

My skin is combination and not that oily but i still prefer this formula over the original. It feels comfortable and i have less break outs

Umm.. Wow

I have tried the fanciest of moisturizers and this to me is the best! Comparable to Charlottes' Magic Cream IMO. Its light, moisturizing and non irritating. Defintiely stocking up on this.

So far so awesome

the price points of The Ordinary make it to where you can try out everything that interest you and then weed out the ones that dont work. (give them to friends) Im very close to finding my magic routine after only 3 months and about $100 worth of product. over half the prodcuts I have tried this is one of my favorites.

I purchased this to help tame the hormonal acne Ive been gifted with at the age of 39 Pros: actually brightens my skin and has calmed down some of my acne patches. its non irritating and layers well with other products *im only using at night Cons: I have gotten some new fun little whiteheads. this could be from the niacinamide i also started using but its worth mentioning. It smells like pool water and wow the size is soooo small!! All my Ordinary products have lasted a while. This 1 oz container may get me through 2 weeks if im lucky. (yes i use a pea size amount) So i beg of you, Beautylish crew, please let the powers that be know that a 2oz or 3oz container of this would be tops!

My new favorite

I have recently purchased many of Bioderma’s products and have only been let down once. This cleanser is gentle, soft and perfect after sensibo water. If your skin is easily irritated try this!!! Great price too

If you have reactive skin, proceed with caution! sample before you commit

If you already use these products, and are ok with the offensive smell of Tidal and GG this is a stellar value set! You get half sizes that last forever and a free mini tidal. I wish it would have worked for me. I dont blame the products, I blame myself for having intolerant skin. I have used intense retinoids & acids before and had no negative reaction. after trying this set for a couple days it destroyed my skin! I had red burning rashes on my skin. I also broke out like never before. Enough to wear I considered seeking dermatologist care. After taking these products out of my routine, and letting my skin heal, I individually reintroduced each product back in to my routine. It became clear the Tidal and The CEO serum were the culprits. Brightening products are not my friends! Good Genes is a lovely product that softened my skin but I havent used it enough yet to comment on wrinkle reduction. All I know is I have been using solo for a week now and no reactions.

I like it but...

This stuff does calm down my itchiness, but it takes awhile to absorb which is not the worst thing. Strangely for the first time this winter after using this for a couple days, i woke w flaky dry legs!? So not super hydrating. I am using it after shower but only on bottom of legs where i itch the most, and my other super hydrating lotion in rotation

Might be returning

Im a fam of It Cosmetics & I was soooo excited to try this but sadly underwhelmed. Its hydrating for about 20 min. Its a glorious 20 min but not worth $24!!! The natural lip tint didnt happen for me either :( i get more from a $6 tube of roses lip balm

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