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Dries out lashes

I usually only stick to positive reviews.. but I wanted to just put it out there that this dried out my lashes like crazy... they felt like straw afterwards. It also flaked off midday and did nothing for “curling”.. I always curl my lashes anyways, but I was hoping it would at least keep the curl I had created- nope.. straight straw. I had high hopes and bought the mini to try it out as so many people rave about this product. It is extremely drying.

Holy grail mascara

It’s expensive, full stop. That said, I have been using it for years (both in brown and black) and I adore it. It is a “wet” mascara that truly coats each lash and separates and adds volume... just like every advertisement for mascara claims- except this is the real deal. I’ve used other high end mascaras from Lancôme and Dior and this one always outperforms and lasts longer. My Dior mascaras always dry out after a month or so and this one goes strong for 8-9 months. I know you’re supposed to throw out all mascara after 3 months, but I’ve never had any eye infections nor any performance issues. It looks amazing. And I love how it seems to hydrate my lashes like a balm, unlike other mascaras that dry out my lashes. It is super easy to remove at night as well. Lastly that comb is genius. I remember there was a Chanel mascara years ago that had a “bottom lash” comb akin to this and it worked so well... until they discontinued it. This is literally like painting your eyelashes. It’s beautiful. The brown is perfect for everyday (I have blonde hair) and the black brings the drama. Love this mascara and have been using it exclusively for years - it’s replaced all of my other mascaras- including former HG “ysl effet faux cils” which has a similar consistency, but transfers by the end of the day.

Phenomenal colors, great value

This all over face palette is so beautiful and an incredible deal for the price, it’s also great for travel. The blush Venice is user friendly for creating a gradation on the cheek from the apples to the ear and creates a multi-dimensional look with one swipe. The sculpting powders are finely milled and this is where the palette truly is a great deal because each of these retail for $44 separately. I use the other two darker sculpting powders as eyeshadow and I use my shade as the perfect matte brown/grey contour. I don’t think the colors are warm enough for a true bronzer for me, but that’s fine. The highlighters- wow l, I wish these were sold separately, I would buy them in a heartbeat. The two exclusive shades aren’t glittery nor chunky, but lay down and buff in for a beautiful glow. One is a cooler gold tone and one has a bit of peach which adds dimension to the blush when layered. If you have candlelight you already are familiar with the finely milled powders and build ability. These are no exception and compliment a highlighter collection. Excellent product- I recommended it to a friend who used it and loved it on vacation and I have a backup as well.

Does what it says!!

I have purchased quite a few of Sonia G.’s brushes (it almost feels like I’m cheating on Wayne!) and this one intrigued me- I already had the Sculpt 1 and the Sculpt 3 and each other those are quite frankly amazing at what they do (so much so, that I repurchased the Sculpt 3 again since I use it for contour, highlighter and blush)... but this in between brush is perfect for those “gel” formats of powders that almost seem to hard pan on you. Specifically I have my Tom Ford (super large) bronzer in Terra and I could not for the life of me pick up any of it on a brush after around 9 months- it’s like a film had hardened on top. I even called the store and asked a TF rep who instructed me to “use a disposable mascara wand to scrape off the top” horror of all horrors!!! Back to the brush- as the title says, it does what it says- while still maintaining that Sonia G. Softness and precision, it actually picks up product in difficult powders. Literally saved a few of my precious products from being chucked into the bin. Am so happy I have this brush!!

Expensive but worth it

I bought this at my local Sisley Boutique a while back (don’t kill me Beautylish) but I wanted to leave a review. I’ve had moderate to severe acne my entire adult life and I finally have clear skin (thanks to a good dermatologist) , but now when I do get a blemish or 4, the treatments I usually used ( SA, Benzol peroxide etc) were always super drying - created that “flakey skin around the red pimple which now looks worse than before and can’t be covered up” which then turned into a hyperpigmentation problem (red flat spots) once the pimple was gone. So I tired this product. It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t smell wretched and at first I didn’t think it was working. It is a thick gel consistency that sort of envelopes the offending spot and eventually the spot is gone (it takes a while), the skin is left undamaged both during treatment and after. When I use this product on a pimple, the pimple slowly goes away and I’m left with clear skin after. No peeling, no hyperpigmentation. So yes, it’s super expensive. But if you are looking for a treatment that will leave your skin looking great post blemish, this is the one for you. Also note that I use this as a spot treatment. I wouldn’t use this all over my t-zone (I don’t think it really does much for blackheads), so it lasts forever and is very hygienic in a pump.

Beautiful pick me up powder

I tend to use minimal (if any foundation) and just concealer and powder most days. For comparison I have the CT flawless finish (1) powder which I adore and does give me an airbrushed look. But I like to use it just in my T-zone and to cover pores.

My skin has very neutral undertones so often I need a bit of a brighter and this powder does that. It’s a typical high quality By Terry product (blendable, finely milled etc) but what I love about it is the color- I purposely purchased the “rosey” #2 (which isn’t rosey- more of a fair color with a slight pink undertone) because I didn’t want another powder that matched my skin, I wanted one that enhanced it.

This does both- you can use the outside ring for a mattifying powder all over (I use it with a small sized face brush and buff it in all over) and then use the center highlighter in between the brows, down the nose and on the high planes of the face; or mix both together.

I adore the highlighter- it’s really a fine powder that adds luminosity. No glitter, no shine, just like an inner light reflects off wherever you put it. Amazing and can be used by itself on “no makeup makeup days” without looking harsh or as a”base” for amping up your highlighter look (day to evening etc).

Love this product!

Worth the price

This is a high quality blush. I purchased 003 and it is a heavy compact with stunning dual shades. They are pigmented but not chalky, there is no fallout. It does not show pores or texture , and actually has a blurring effect that melts into the skin. I love to swirl my brush within both shade sides to create my own shade or if I have a bit of extra time I’ll take a fan brush to the lighter shade for my cheeks and then use the darker shade higher up on my cheek bone and blend into my contour/bronzer/highlighter. This blends beautifully on the skin. I have fair skin and it looks as amazing with a light hand in winter as it does in summer when I’m more tan. It lasts all day. I started to use it almost daily and it looks new.

Actually magic

I was hesitant to buy this product as I adore my Sisley phyto cernes éclat eye concealer and I also have the fan favorite Nars creamy concealer and the Givenchy color corrector. So why do I need this? It’s well- just kinda awesome. The technological claims - eh- maybe they are true.. I’m not sure- but what I am sure about is the following: it truly does create a beautiful and perfect under eye canvas in about 2 seconds flat which is perfect for early mornings. I’ve never had any eye product creasing issues but this actually makes my under eye look perfect.. I mean spot on perfect (and I don’t bake or anything) in both texture and color all day. It doesn’t budge. I don’t have fine lines (only when I smile) but I’m 37, so I am always aware of not caking on too much product in that area. This is perfect. It also does wonders around the nose and mouth are — again it has an emollient texture but u like Nars- wherever you pat it in... it stays. I bought a shade lighter than my skin tone in 2 to brighten. It’s my new HG. I’m purchasing a second one.

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Stunning little minx

It’s named after Parisian gardens. That is literally what my eyes look like today after using this palette. It is classic Viseart- 4 mattes, 4 shimmers- all highly pigmented and blendable! It’s got a sturdy magnet that holds it together and although, yes, it’s cardboard- it seems like it would hold up ok in a travel makeup bag. Love love love this one. It’s my third Viseart product and I am so happy with their curation of colors, their pigmentation, longevity ( I don’t wear a base and never touch up) and beautiful ability to blend! A+

Highly pigmented, infinitely blend-able

Viseart has done it again- these shades are truly beautiful and in comparison to their more MUA friendly packaging this can slide right into your suitcase/ makeup bag etc and you need not worry about it breaking. The mirror is large and perfect as well as a “all my makeup” mirror. I love the packaging- perfect for the colors. Now onto the color scheme- 9 shimmers and 3 mattes... but I would classify the “shimmers” (most except for 3) to be more satin and very wearable for work. It’s not too cool toned, not too warm toned.. it’s just very wearable. I’ve created multiple looks from this palette and is a go-to for that Viseart quick “blend 3 colors in 5 mins and look like you spent an hour on your eyes” thing they are known for. As mentioned before the color scheme is surprisingly expansive - it may look like a “warm toned purple/pink palette” but the golden tones warm up to more of a sophisticated darker bronze gold undertone that creates dimension. Even the most burgundy shade surprised me in wearability and as a great base for some of the shimmers to again, create easy dimension. Love this palette- may possibly buy the golden hour one too.

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