Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful color and wears beautifully

Why It’s Special 1.Carefully selected ingredients like beeswax from China’s Xinjiang Province work to hydrate, condition, and soften lips I found this lipstick to be so smooth and glided on like a dream! My lips didn't feel dry while wearing it, though they were a bit dry when I tried to remove all the pigment with micellar water. Not a deal breaker though.

2.Rare red tourmaline from Brazil gives each shade brilliant color payoff that won’t smudge or fade The color- WOW. I was actually a little afraid of the color, but red/orange is my new favorite! It is even more vibrant in person. The coverage is amazing! One swipe and I'm good (though like most lipsticks you'll have the finesse the edges). I didn't wear this with a lip liner yet and I love love LOVE it.

The packing is beyond luxurious too. The heavy metal tube comes in a velvet travel bag that fits perfectly. The tube itself looks super expensive, and I love the magnetic lid.

I felt beautiful and daring while wearing this color. And I fell in love with the formula. I'll be buying more colors asap!

Smeels divine and looks pretty

This is what the company claims about this product:

1.This long-wear, pigment-rich liquid formula glides on incredibly smoothly, delivering a matte- finish stain without ever drying This is very easy to apply and doesn't require layering. It dries to a comfortable satin finish but looks matte. The color is very pretty, though a little more brown that I thought it would be.

2. Super-saturated tint with a velvety finish provide full and even coverage all day and night This seems like they're repeating themselves, but yep- it dries down to a comfortable matte finish. It's less of a "tint" and more of a lip stick that wears down really well.

3. Unlike traditional stains, this rich balm boosts moisture levels and leaves color behind long after it's worn off It definitely does wear off beautifully and pretty evenly to a stain. I find it easy to remove as well.

I wouldn't say I was blown away by this, it was a nice liquid lip stick. I think my two favorite things are that it wears down very pretty and THE SMELL. It smells EXACTLY like chocolate frosting.

Perfect size and looks beautiful!

I bought this because I've always wanted to try it but was concerned it was too much (I tend to be a natural/no makeup type of girl).

I used this with my Charlotte Tillbury foundation as a setting powder. I consider my skin light with yellow under tones (towards the darker end of the "light" spectrum). I could see after a swatch that this may be too dark a finsihing powder for very light complexions, but on my skin it was lovely and gave me a beautiful glow to my skin. I was asking all the women in my family what makeup they thought I had on, and everyone thought my skin was bare and just glowing.

Easy to apply, looks natural

When this arrived, I had forgotten about it. And I also forgot to check the pencil color, ending up with #2 Light. I was hesitant initially, thinking it would be too light (I have light brown hair with gold). I have been using a darker pencil, medium usually and thinking I was terrible at brows. Nope, I just always had too dark of a color!

This went on easily, and if I felt I had overdone it then the spooly blending it out nicely. I am very happy with this product and how it looks and wears.

Lovely blush for a natural glow

"Soft and demure, Tenderly carries light pink as a base with a touch of blue undertones. The simple, innocent shade will work wonders for those seeking to look freshly blushed.

ILIA Multi-Sticks combine organic ingredients with the healing properties of Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Apply to cheeks, lips and eyes for a sheer blush of color."

This blush makes a lovely addition to your natural/no makeup looks. As most cream/stick blushes, it does have a tacky feeling once applied. However, I didn't find this bothersome. It went on like a dream and blended beautifully over my Charlotte Tillbury foundation. I apply it by warming it up on my hand first and then tapping it onto my cheeks. It gives a lovely glow without being shimmery or glittery. It makes a great lip balm too. I also tried this on my lids for fun and it does look pretty but the tackiness it leaves drove me crazy. But as a blush AMAZING. I layer my Hourglass AMbient light powder over this and was in love with the look!

Lovely for a daily natural/no makeup look

I really enjoy this foundation. It provided a nice amount of coverage without looking or feeling heavy. I tried applying this both with my fingers and a beauty blender. I found a damp beauty blender worked better at distributing the product nicely. With my fingers, it felt like the foundation was drying down faster than I could blend it.

This is what the company claims about this product: 1. Enhance your skin with a tinted veil of color that evens out imperfections and imparts a natural-looking luminosity I found this to be true. It provided medium to light coverage (enough to cover sun spots) without looking or feeling heavy. I wore this over Thanksgiving and no one could pin point what exactly I was wearing (most thought I had just washed my face because it looked clean and radiant).

2. Experience fewer wrinkles, more even tone, and smoother, plumper skin, thanks to youth-boosting actives that get to work instantly I haven't had this long enough to confirm, but there are a few nice skin care ingredients in this.

3. Create a smooth, perfect base for makeup as psuedo-ceramides and botanicals kickstart collagen production and drench the skin with moisture I did feel like my skin looked and felt moisturized when I used this foundation. I was happy with how comfortable it felt.

Overall I am very happy with this. I was unsure how I felt until I began asking the women in my family what makeup they thought I had on. Everyone's last guess was always ", foundation?". That made me feel great!

Works well

I really enjoy this cream. It smells strongly of roses, which I enjoy, and the set lingers a bit. It comes with a spatula, which I like although I misplace it all the time. A little goes a long way, and I use it for my face, neck, chest twice per day. My skin feels very smooth and looks plump and youthful. I have somewhat sensitive skin and eczema, and this didn't bother it at all.

I took off one star for price (even though it is a luxury brand) only because I have other moisturizers in my collection that work just as well for 1/3 of the price.