All about Ilia Multi-sticks and Illuminator


Amanda C.

REALLY like this. "A Fine Romance" is a super nice berry shade, not too cool, not too warm. Surprisingly, I actually do like it as both a cheek and lip product, but for me it's better as a blush -- even though I'm quite fair, this is so smooth and blendable-sheer that it's def not too deep for me, and whenever possible I prefer to get the same result with less product rather than building something up. Would LOVE to see this in a [non-shimmery] jammy plum purple and a cool true deep cherry red!

Alicia C.
So much more drying than other options

This literally felt like I was dragging chalk across my face. I could try working on it, but in a stick I want it to be super easy and have found so many others that do the job. My skin is not particularly dry, and I live in Miami, so I'm not sure why this was so incredibly dry and hard to blend out. On the plus side, your hair wouldn't get caught in it as it has with glossier/tackier multi sticks. This is literally one of the worst I've ever tried (I tried two shades, so it wasn't a batch issue or anything).

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Jeanette C.

Excellent lipstick, I use it every <a href="">day</a>. ttps://

Deepa N.
Not pigmented enough

I am MAC NC42 and I find that this requires a lot to build up on my skin tone. It also emphasised acne scars on my skin.

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Yvonne D.
My new must-have

Glides on over cream foundation. A sheer wash of colour that is buildable if needed. Does not feel sticky or greasy. The size is perfect for travel or just to keep in your handbag for touch-ups after a few hours.

Becca B.
Lovely blush for a natural glow

"Soft and demure, Tenderly carries light pink as a base with a touch of blue undertones. The simple, innocent shade will work wonders for those seeking to look freshly blushed.

ILIA Multi-Sticks combine organic ingredients with the healing properties of Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Apply to cheeks, lips and eyes for a sheer blush of color."

This blush makes a lovely addition to your natural/no makeup looks. As most cream/stick blushes, it does have a tacky feeling once applied. However, I didn't find this bothersome. It went on like a dream and blended beautifully over my Charlotte Tillbury foundation. I apply it by warming it up on my hand first and then tapping it onto my cheeks. It gives a lovely glow without being shimmery or glittery. It makes a great lip balm too. I also tried this on my lids for fun and it does look pretty but the tackiness it leaves drove me crazy. But as a blush AMAZING. I layer my Hourglass AMbient light powder over this and was in love with the look!

Rebecca P.
Beautiful, but not super long-lasting

I must preface this review by saying that I have a very oily skin type, so normally I feel like this type of product wouldn't appeal to me. However, something possessed me to give this multistick a shot. I wanted something that was easy to throw on for low-maintenance days and that was multi-use for that fresh, effortless vibe.

As a lip color, it's beautiful. The texture is balmy and sheer, but not so much so that the color barely shows up, at least on the lips. It's hydrating, and it lasts decently well for hours before I feel the need to reapply. This is the function that the multistick is best at, in my opinion.

I was apprehensive to use this as a blush, as I wasn't sure how well it was going to mesh with other products and whether or not it would last on my skin. However I was very pleasantly surprised. It is very easy to apply with fingers or dab onto the cheeks, particularly after warming it up a bit. It gives a fresh look that I enjoy. It doesn't really last the best on my skin, but it's easy enough to touch up so this doesn't bother me. Overall it's a very nice product to use on the cheeks, for sure.

I dared to use this product on my eyes the first time I tried it because hey, YOLO. I knew it probably wouldn't work that well, but curiosity got the better of me. Just to give it the best chance of lasting well enough, I applied the color over my favorite eye primer. Honestly I found this to be really sheer for my tastes, at least as an eye color. It also creased pretty quickly, though it still technically lasted a good 6 hours or so. Overall I wouldn't really recommend this product for use on the eyes due to the short longevity.

The only thing that really bothers me about the multistick is how tiny the tube is. It seems to be about the size of a standard lipstick, but I'm supposed to use this all over the whole face? I'm sure anyone using this every single day would run through it very quickly. Personally for the price and for its purpose it should be at least 2 or 3 times the size. But I do think it's a really nice product, and I would consider purchasing this in other shades in the future.

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Kelly H.
Pretty, Natural, Glowy

I was watching the video with May Lindstrom and Caroline Hirons; I was noticing how healthy and fresh May's face looked. In the comments she mentioned she was wearing this blush so OF COURSE I ordered it straight away. On my skin tone (NC25ish) this shade gives a very natural wash of color and also adds a lovely sheen to the skin. My skin is normal-dry so the sheen was very flattering. Those with oilier skins might want to avoid this one.

All in all, a lovely product to give your skin a healthy glow. Love it.

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Tammi R.
Precious pink!

Love the colour! Pretty much of the same as on screen. It is a little tacky but I apply a powder blush on top, it helps but still a little tacky. It's not a deal breaker, I don't make a habit of touching my cheeks! A natural, dewy finish cream blush. I will purchase again.

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Marcie C.
Perfect Flush

This product was my first foray into non-powder blush and I'm sold! I have combination blemish prone skin but the multi stick stayed in place all day sans grease and hasn't caused any blemishes.

This color is also the perfect flush color that you can build if need be. My only complaint with stick-type blush is that it kind of grabs your foundation when you apply it but I now prefer the resulting look to powder blush any day.

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