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Beauty Product Reviews

Too much product on the wand

Honestly, I expected more from this mascara. I've heard many rave reviews about it, but for me (considering the price point) I did not see it. The wand itself is OK, I guess. But there is SO MUCH product on the wand that you just can't apply the product onto your lashes straight away - you need to remove the excess product (otherwise you will be in trouble). It applies clumpy still! And there is a fall-out after 2-3 hours of wear. What can I say good about this mascara? Well, it is black (I mean really black), it makes lashes longer. But it is not enough for a 24-dollar mascara...

The best highlighter

Seriously, this highlighter has everything that you need: - high quality product, that is silky, blinding, buildable and blends perfectly; - insane amount of product for the money you pay.

I have 2 shades - Sarcophagus and Ice Cold - the formula is very consistent. The only drawback is the size of the pan. Don't get me wrong, I love the amount of product, but the diameter of the package is huge (around 9,5 cm / 3,7 inches), so I never take it with me on vacation, because it takes too much space in my makeup bag and I am really afraid to shatter it, since the product is pretty soft. But this drawback is more like a "first world problem", thus I will still give this product 5 stars.

The best setting powder

RCMA powder is the staple in my makeup bag. For 12 dollars you get plenty of product that is simply amazing. I have a combination skin with oily areas around my nose. This powder makes my skin equally smooth (really airbrushed) and mat without drying my predominantly not oily skin. It is finely milled, it does not leave white shadow, - instead, it disappears into the skin and does the job perfectly.

The only drawback personally for me - the package. There is no solid lid that you can use as a "dish" for your portion of powder: there is a cap which is usually used for spices (huge holes and a plastic cap). So, I need to use something else to put my powder onto before applying with a sponge. And since the holes on the lid are very big - be careful, because the first time my sleeve was set with the powder before my face did))) :)

Perfect product

This is a perfect product! I was pretty sceptical about the product when I saw the brush (too small), but I was shocked when I first used it. It takes every single lash and works wonders. It really does the job. I used to purchase an Estee Lauder one, which has a much bigger brush and is more expensive, but now I am fully converted.

Highlighter that gives you wet dreams

Now, that's what I call a HIGHLIGHTER! Prepare for some lighthouse action!

It gives you this insane glittery effect that will be seen miles away. And it is still buildable: you can go from "ok, this looks damn goooood" to "omg, people in space see my cheeks" in a matter of 3-4 strokes.

If you are looking for a more "wet" effect, I would advise you to stick to his "classical" highlighters in huge pans. This will be perfect for some party action :)

Lip liner was a total disappointment, but the JSC highlighter saved the day!!!

Crumbles, doesn't work on the waterline

Honestly, I bought shade Weirdo just to use it on my waterline. I am not a fan of lip liners, they make my lips very-very dry, so I rarely use them. However, when I saw Jeffree's review where he said that this product works perfectly on eyes (and it is safe) - I bought it. I am always looking for a very good liner for the eyes because pencils never work and wash away in an hour...

So, I gave this lip liner a "waterline" try. In my case it did not burn my eyes, but: 1. It applied strangely. It kept dragging itself leaving parts of the waterline "naked". 2. It is chunky. So, when I finally applied liner on both eyes, they looked grungy. Some chunks of the product where on lower lashes. 3. It mostly washed away in 45 minutes or so. My outer corners were full of the "washed away" product. I just wiped the rest away with a q-tip and some waterproof makeup remover and called it a day.

Pretty sad, to be honest, because I always expect a very good product from JSC...

The packaging looks cute, but I would rather receive the best pencil in the worst packaging but not vice versa.