Beauty Product Reviews

Hopefully will stop sheding

The brush has shed a decent amount with the first week of use but the beautylish stupport reassured that it will stop after a few washes. Other then that issue it is a gorgeous brush and blende like a dream. If it continues to shed after a couple washes i will update my review.

I have changed my rating based on customer supports knowledge of the brush and how nice the brush is regardless of the shedding.

Hopfully i will not have to change my review.

This ONE didnt shed and blends me to heaven.

Obessed with this brush (and eye brushes) this one doesnt shed thank goodness!

The shape is perfect for a fantastic blend into the hollows of the cheeks also It picks up just the right amount of product. This brush is idiot proof, you can sculpt very easily. It feels unbelievable on the skin. The goat hair makes the softest brushes ive felt.