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Beautiful, reliable palette

I think these shadows are beautiful and it’s hard to screw up with them. The satins have such a lovely sheen and a bit of sparkle. The mattes blend so well. The celestial shade is very shiny and glittery (I suggest glitter glue as I there is fallout). The black is a real standout - effortless blending for a smoky look (or to correct mistakes) but also buildable to a true opaque black. Perfect for lining. I rarely used black before this palette but I’m really into it now. Excited to see Wayne’s future palettes.

Nice brush, but is it a bronzer brush?

I bought this brush from the Smith Cosmetics' website, not Beautylish. This brush is smaller and more tapered than a traditional fluffy bronzer brush. If you like applying bronzer in a more targeted fashion, then this would work well for you. I'm still playing around with it and I can make it work with bronzer, but it takes a bit more work to blend out. Works very well with blush and highlight.

Great angled brush

I bought this brush in-person from a beauty boutique, not from Beautylish. This is a pretty perfect angled brush. I've had great success using it for liner (mainly eyeshadow) and brows. Like all of the Smith brushes, it's beautiful and perfectly made. Can't find any faults with this brush.

My gateway brush into Smith Cosmetics

I bought this brush in-person at a beauty boutique, not from Beautylish. After using this brush, I can't imagine using any other laydown brush. It's so efficient and unique. The arrowhead shape is perfect for anyone with small eyes/hooded eyes. Totally obsessed. I've purchased 3 more brushes since buying this brush, and they've all been amazing. Shoutout to a great Canadian brand!

The best brush for blending edges

I bought this brush from Smith Cosmetics' website, not from Beautylish. I'm reviewing it here because it is just so good! It's so easy to soften edges with this brush. But with a little extra pressure, it can basically be used like a magic eraser to get rid of powder that's been blended out too far. I use this brush every day to make sure the edges of my eyeshadow are flawless, and to perfectly diffuse highlighter. Highly recommend.

Love RCMA, but hate these colours

I love the RCMA colour process foundation and use it daily. Given that the blush is the same formula, I thought that I would love it too. But I just can't make these colours work. Like other commentators, I don't think that what I received matches the online photo. The first 3 shades from the left are basically variations on nude. I don't associate nudes with blush, and they're way too similar to take up 3 out of 5 shades. I thought the 4th colour would be a nice coral/peach shade on the skin, but it blends out to more of an orangey-brown. So odd. The red is way too orange as well. Given that there are 5 pans, I don't understand how there isn't a traditional pink or peach colour.

I think they'd all make decent lip colours, but I don't like using potted lipstick as it's not convenient.

Perfect for small lids

I have small lids and hooded eyes. The arrowhead shape is so unique and really makes this brush work for my eyes. It's perfect for laying down shadow with precision. I waffled for months about whether I should buy this brush, and I'm so glad I finally got it.

  • KA
So beautiful

I love this makeup so much. The shades are light enough for my skin (KA2/3 for foundation and KA1 for undereye), and the quality and finish are incredible. I played around a bit to find the best way to apply it (definitely a learning curve for me). I struggled with a buffing brush and sponge - I couldn't get the flawless finish I had seen on YouTube. I tried the Clarisonic foundation brush and that worked so well. I'm actually excited every morning to wake up and put on my makeup! I set with the No Colour Powder.

I really hope that Beautylish starts to carry the KA line in the full size. I ended up buying the full size from another site.

Worth it

Such a great all purpose brush. Of course it works as a crease brush, but it's so good at blending that I can do my whole eye with this brush if I wipe it on a cloth between colours/blending.

So soft

I love this brush for blending the edges of my eye makeup and also for applying shimmery shadows to the lid. Definitely the softest brush I've ever used. It's so luxurious!

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