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I was really drawn to this palette. I put others in my cart but this one made it through to delivery. I'm enjoying it so much, the colors are warm and look great with my brown eyes and hair, but it'll look equally great on blondes, etc. the colors enhance each other and blend nicely. I'm going to keep this short and say that I wear the heck out of my Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette. I've received many compliments. No need to say more than that. Excellent product on it too.

Such a nice little brush. Very nice design and story behind it. It came in a very pretty box so it's suitable to gift too. I use it pretty much ever day. Quality brush.

This is a very nice cleansing bar soap. I'm pleasantly surprised. It's non-drying and rinses off easily. Will purchase again.

Another great product from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I received this as a sample along with my order. It goes on really nice, it's a bit thinner so it's more workable then some other primers I've used. The color is a bit lighter too. it's works great and shadows adhere to it very well. Like others have said a little goes a long way. I will purchase this product again and can recommend it fully.

aI'm disappointed with this purchase. The towel while it is absorbent is too big for me. I'm fairly petite and I just couldn't get it to stay on my head which is pretty small. Maybe if it came with wrapping instructions kit would work out better. I've used other turbans and never had an issue. I'm still going to be using it, I'm just not sure if I can recommend it. It might work fine for others.

I'm pretty happy with the color selection and getting to try them out. I like the small sizes because I can take one anywhere. The go on easily and leave a very nice tint on the lips. it feels good, moisturizing but not sticky. They don't have much of a scent, which is nice too. I also noticed they don't have the same amount of product in the different colors, not sure why that is, I kinda felt cheated about that. It's not an inexpensive purchase, but I can recommend it for the most part.

It's a nice soap tray. Works great and I like it because it's large enough to hold the soap. I'm thinking of buying another one for any shower caddy.

I was looking for a scalp scrub and came across the Oribe Serene Scalp Exfoliating Scrub. I've used is a few times and I think it works great. It comes in a pink tube and has a light Oribe scent to it but it's not too strong. It is easy to apply with the tip applicator. It feels so good to massage it into my scalp and it rinses out easily. I have long thin hair, I think it performs really well. My head feels so clean and fresh afterwards. I would purchase this again and can recommend it.

I'm really liking this soap. I've used it primarily as a face soap when I shower as part of my evening cleanse, but I also use it on my body occasionally. I thought it might be drying, especially to my face, but I have no tightness or drying after using it.. It balances my skin really well and my skin feels great. It has a very light pleasant scent. I will purchasing it again and can recommend it.

This bar soap from Klorane is alright. I didn't find it super special. The scent was good, not perfume like. I don't use bar soap a lot, and this one just didn't leave my skin feeling moisturized. I don't think I'll purchase again, although I might try one of the other bar soaps Klorane offers.

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