Beauty Product Reviews

Love it.

I love this gloss. It’s glittery and beautiful, but not overly sticky/goopy like some glosses can be. I actually ended up buying another shade (Sequin Glass) and it’s just as beautiful.

New Favorite?

I've always been interested in ND and decided to try out the Lila palette. This palette is possibly my favorite palette in my collection. I use the mattes + Magnolia or Helio for a work-appropriate look (more neutral), but on the weekends I venture into the purple and pink shadows. I really enjoy the formula used in the metallic/shimmer shadows. Since using this palette, I've felt tempted to buy her other 15-pan palettes (particularly the Gold palette, since it's pretty neutral and work-friendly for me). Are these palettes expensive? Yeah definitely, but I believe they are worth the price. The shadows are wonderful, and if it is a color scheme you'll use often, you get a lot of product.