Beauty Product Reviews

Holy Grail

As long as Charlotte Tilbury puts this lipstick shade out I will always purchase it along with a backup. This lipstick is truly universally flattering. Lipstick never looks good on me when worn with eye makeup, only without. But this is a game changer. I don't feel clownish if I have on more than a little eyeliner and mascara. It compliments all eye looks I've worn it with. And the formula lasts through makeout sessions, date night, and even 4+ hours into my work shift.

Beautiful but doesn't have longevity.

I love the way this lipstick feels and smells but the longevity leaves a lot to be desired. This is one lipstick you definitely need a lip liner or lip primer with. If it doesn't have a base to stick to, immediately it will start to migrate from your lips beginning with the inner portion closest to your teeth. You'll see bare spots and then find it is fading away. Natasha is rather known for experimenting with formulas so I really hope she finds a good one soon because the color itself is lovely. For the performance, in the meantime, I get better results with Sephora's Lip Stories line which is a quarter of the price.


I got 33 and 16 which look amazing in the pan but are seriously awful when applied. As stated with the rainbow freedom, I had to wet my brush to get any pay off with fix plus and really pat it on to build it up. These were less powdery than the matte shade but these are first and last impressions for me because I'm done with this already.

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Not as expected.

From the description I thought this was going to be an awesome product. It was pretty chalky and not very pigmented. I actually had to apply it with a wet brush and Fix + to get any color pay off.

Why did I wait so long?

I had been sitting on this ever since it came out really wondering if I could justify purchasing another Too Faced palette. Now I hate myself for waiting so long. These duochrome colors are freaking amazing. My first day owning, I did a sunrise eye with only this palette paired with a neutral lip. I got so many compliments at work where people who weren't makeup enthusiasts asked me where I got the palette. This is hands down tied in first place with my favorite pallette purchase in the last five years. The only "gripe" is the highlighter is a bit strange to work with but even that is good, just different than what I am used to applying. I am so in love with this that it has renewed my adoration for Too Faced.

Strange texture and taste at first.

I actually thought I was going to hate these because honestly the texture is tacky and the taste and smell is overpowering. But once they dried down the color was too gorgeous to deduct a star. Plus they lasted 5 hours without reapplication. The colors themselves are neutral but not boring. Rather than making my lips a background blur they actually enhanced my overall makeup look. I definitely plan to purchase more Sugarhill products including their lip colors. The longevity on these is unmatched.

Not good for coarse hair

I know a ton of people swear by this product but unless you've got the sort of hair that builds oil quickly and doesn't have much texture already, this is horribly drying. My hair is somewhat coarse and wavy so I hoped this would give me the awesomeness that I usually have whenever I go to the beach. It left my hair feeling itchy, dry, and crunchy. The DIY version of beach spray is better for us with already textured hair.

Unique texture and very buildable

I got this on a whim once in the search for a highlighter that wouldn't just be worth an Instagram picture. When I went to swatch it, the texture was so cushiony and buttery. I've tried it with full makeup, minimal makeup, and on a no makeup day; it works for them all. It makes my skin look alive which is rather important for me because I'm extremely fair. People at work have complimented on how I seem to have a natural beauty about me even when I just use this with a sheer tinted moisturizer. I hope they never drop this product from their line because it truly is beautiful.