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Holy Grail Warm Nude Lipstick

I had been on the hunt for many years for a great warm nude lipstick, which would not be too orangy on me, and that I could pair with all my warm toned eye shadow palettes and BAM, here we are...Orchid, THE PERFECT match for warm toned eyes! I have so many lipsticks, from drugstore to super high end, and when I try to buy nude tones online I usually greatly fail, but Orchid turned out to be just sensational in every aspect. It goes on like butter, but does not bleed into the fine lines of my 55-year old lips (probably also because of the wonderful Sepia lipliner), and it does not dry them out during the day. Yes, due to the fact that it is a creamy formula, I had to reapply after eating, but that is perfectly normal. Wayne absolutely nailed it with this collection! The color range seems uninteresting at first glance, BUT there will be the perfect hue for everyone. I am not sure how he did it, but Orchid is the first color in that particular range that does not look "painted" on me, but really natural. I was so happy with this when it arrived that I even dared to order Zinnia + Cinnamon as a liner, plus 2 back-ups of the Sepia liner, my new holy grail nude liner. All I can say is THANK YOU Wayne Goss, for creating this exceptional collection. I cannot wait to see what is coming next!

Holy Grail Lip Liner

Dear Wayne, we all knew that make-up products released by you would be exceptional, but they are more than that! They are stunningly beautiful, they have the PERFECT colors, pigmentation and formulation. I am usually not too keen on lip products, especially lip pencils. It takes me forever to find the right formulation (mostly way too soft) and most of all the color. Years ago I had a drugstore color that was my holy grail color that would suit most of my nude lipsticks and glosses. Well, they stopped selling the brand in Germany and when I saw your color Sepia I knew this just might be it. And BINGO - my initial order arrived today and Sepia is my new HOLY GRAIL lip pencil. I am so grateful to you for this outstanding product. I had also ordered the lipstick Orchid and the glosses Chysanthemum and Petunia. You nailed each and every color and formulation. I could not be happier with everything. So a few minutes ago I ordered 2 more of Sepia plus 1 of Cinnamon and one of the brick red lipsticks, sorry I forgot the color name right now. I cannot wait to get it all delivered. My tip for storage of lipsticks and glosses during summer - keep them in the fridge, so they do not spoil! Wayne, again a HUGE Thank You to you for these wonderful products from Germany!