Beauty Product Reviews

One of my favorite highlighters but

This is one of my favorite highlighters. It’s the perfect tone for my fair cool skin. The glow is a sheen and not super glittery to me.

HOWEVER I literally can’t buy one of these without them arriving destroyed. It’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to purchase a product you want and use regularly. Because at a certain point in time Beautylish just refunded me because all of my replacements also ended up destroyed 😤 I know it’s probably not their fault but still. Buy at your own risk.

Like a Glass of Water for my Skin

This serum is too good. I instantly notice a difference in the dryness and dullness when I put this on my skin. I’ve noticed a huge difference using this as a part of my routine. I have no dry spots and I get a lot more out of my face oils (by the way super recommend the good molecule ultra hydrating face oil) it’s a game changer. Finally effective skin care that a student can afford!

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High Shine Topper

I ordered this topper on a whim. I love nail polish and painting my nails, but have never felt a pull to purchase anything from Anna Sui before. I didn't really know what to expect from this polish either, but was very pleasantly surprised.

It's a clear jelly base polish with large red and pink sequins in it; small, square shaped matte white speckles; and teeny tiny square pink glitters. I can hardly see the pink glitters in this polish and didn't know they were there until holding my nails very close to my face.

The jelly is very thick and has a high shine to it. The brush of this polish is really short and holds a lot of product on it. The thickness of the jelly base allows for a smooth application. With a top coat you can get a very smooth finish that seals in the 3D effects embedded in this product, this is nice because it makes your polish last longer.

With each coat you get a lot onto the nail, especially the white speckles. I did have to go in for two coats to get enough sequins onto the nail to balance out the topper. My only complaint would be that the brush holds a lot of the jelly which pushes around the sequins a bit too much at times. I just used a toothpick to move around the sequins to get an even distribution, making it a quick fix.

Overall I would recommend this for a nice quality topper, especially to add shine to a creme polish.

On my nails in the attached photos: Base coat: Orly Bonder Base color: Essie Clothing Optional Glitter topper: Anna Sui Glittering Polish 3 Top coat: Orly Polishield

I never thought an oil would help my acne

This stuff is the best. I have dry acne prone skin and haven’t been able to find products to solve both of those problems without making the other worse. However, this oil does just that. I no longer feel like I “have to” wear foundation to feel comfortable with how my skin looks. Thanks to the beautylish team for recommending this to me as part of my ordinary regimen :)

Beautiful Fall Shade

This color is so much better than I thought. It's a wonderful orange that pulls the exact color of the fillings of a pumpkin pie. The glitter is also beautiful and smooth and is more visible the longer one wears it. I would highly recommend this color to anyone looking for the perfect fall shade.

An incredible lipstick and an even more incredible experience with Beautylish <3

This lipstick is incredibly metallic and so gorgeous. I have loved the formulation of Jeffree's lipstick- both the liquid and stick format so it's no surprise that I love Candyass as well. The color is a beautiful coral with a rose gold shift so unlike anything else that I own. As an avid makeup collector, that's quite a feat. More than I can rave about my experience with Beautylish. I am so thrilled to have found such a wonderful retailer. I LOVED everything about shopping with Beautylish, they were so wonderful about keeping me updated, about communicating with me and the packaging of the products I bought was so adorable and protective for the makeup. I will be making a lot more purchases from them for sure, forget Sephora, the experience with Beautylish has been so much more positive.