Beauty Product Reviews

Bar none, the best

There's a reason this is out of stock so often: I can't even draw a discernible stick figure and even I can perfect my liner with this. Its boujee af, but worth every red cent. Beautylish: please restock this SOON so I can buy a backup! On a side note: Sephora WISHES it was Beautylish. The care in packaging is just so...personal. Its like a gift (albeit one I paid for)...those personal touches, combined with absolute luxury brands make this site a beauty junkies dream.

Softest Brush I Own

This is my intro. to Japanese, luxury brushes. Now, I will say that I assumed it would be larger, like a typical power brush, but its the perfect size to both set my concealer and buff the rest of my face. I never knew what I was missing, but after this, there's no going back. My next order will be the Wayne Goss Ann. Collection, I'm so hooked. You just cannot believe how soft it is and the huge difference in application it makes. This brush + my By Terry Hydra Powder are my dream team.

A Tropical Paradise

Okay, so when I got this beauty, I immediately HAD to spray my face and at first....I hated it. I love jasmine, its my favorite scent in the world, but I had become so use to the purified, chemical jasmine so many brands use....this, however, smells EXACTLY like the air of a tropical summer night, down the way from a jasmine patch. It was on my second attempt, later that night, when I closed my eyes and spritzed my face that I got it. It clicked. And now I'm hooked. This and Omoroviczas QOG Water will never leave my shelves. I'm a sucker for luxury facial mists and this....its pure, natural luxury. My first ML product, but I'm so ready to dive into more after this gem!


I never knew a facial mist could be so luxurious. It's the finest mist of any spray I have ever used....I dont use it as a toner or a setting spray, but I mist it on after i finish my makeup and it just.....well, I cant explain exactly what it does. It hydrates and just makes my makeup seem more natural and settled. Its also a great pick me up even on no-makeup days, just to refresh your skin. Will def. repurchase this over and over.

No other wipes will do

These cloths are like....well, cloths. Not the thin, easily-torn cloths that you get at the drugstore. These things are thick and sturdy and ONE CLOTH can take of an entire beat face of my makeup. They are so saturated and luxurious, I simply cannot use another wipe.

HG Status

I'm SUPER picky with powders, even the Laura Mercier is kind of 'meh' to me....but THIS? Amazing. Blurring, finely milled, doesnt make me look like a dried up prune. Love it.

Where has this been all my life?

So, I'm someone who has naturally shaky hands, I have all my life, so doing my upper liner has always been a pain. The only other eyeliner that I could use was the Stila Stay All Day, which is still great, but....holy heck this eyeliner is from the Gods! Its so inky black, weighted so it helps keep my hands steady, its long barrel gets past my stupid-long lashes (I use a lash serum and they are out of control), and it just GLIDES on. I will never use another eyeliner it pricy? Yes. Is it worth every penny? Exponentially.