Beauty Product Reviews

Great Brush but cost a little much

Great Brush but I will never spend that much money on one brush. Do you research before spending the money. It might be more beneficial to get Mac as far as following most tutorials on youtube. But i personally wouldnt spend this much on a brush

Great pigment!

This product has brilliant color but you must set it with something. If youre like me and just throw it on, expecting it to work. This not the product. It will melt off your face and crease and the color wont be as vibrant. And this happens in a matter of minutes. I have this product in two shades (one in a hot pink) and it does last a long time. I even take the hot pink and pop a little on my lips and blot and its a nice stain. I know thats not what its for but hey, I WANT MY MONEYS WORTH lol