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Beauty Product Reviews

Good product

I originally bought shade 5 then had to go back and get the small size in shade one so it could be mixed to about shade 4. That was my mistake. Other than that...the foundation is really good for aging skin. Its thin...its a light medium coverage which is fine bec you can conceal. If you're over the age of 35...I would reccomend because it doesn't sink in the lines and wrinkles or look to thick...its very pretty and the price is awesome

Hands down the best ever

I was using the la prairie powder and I spent alot of money to do so. Since turning 35 (I'm 37 now) some foundations and almost all powders look SO way too thick on me. The la prairie ended up being no exception. Then came this powder. OMG...its so perfect and light and then and smells so yummy. I want 5 more jars so I never run out. It's even replaced my Kim Kardashian under eye baking powder bec it's the most finely milled and the most smoothing. I hated to write this review bec I didnt want to sell out before I can put in an order for 4-5 more jars

Better for oily skin

I can imagine this would be superb for oily skin. I unfortunately have dry skin so it makes my face feel like soooo tight and even made me peel twice. If you have oily need this...if you have dry skin..please dont be like me and read the descriptions better. I should've gotten one of their other primers. Bottomline . I regret this purchase

Not a fan

Not a fan and I need eye cream like I need oxygen considering these bags I'm packing. The smell alone is enough to make you run for the hills but also I didn't see any sort of changes in my under eye...puffiness, dark circles, creepiness and fine lines still the same. All I can say is...I've had better

Very nice. Perfect for aging eyes

UPDATE: I am back for q 2nd review after a few weeks of using this stuff. I have the most aged eyes for someone my age (36) . NOTHING covers bags and circles and looks smooth all at once. Until this. The first time I tried it on, I put way too much and it looked so terrible but, i learned that if you dont apply any pressure and lightly swipe it across your eyes then pat in with your fingers and immediately set with her original powder using a damp beauty blender. This can turn out to look airbrushed and knock years off your face. Also- I own shades 4 and 1 and I use 4 all over and then 1 for just over the very dark line at the bottom of my under eye and also use it for highlighting all over my face. Its perfect!! I am medium skin so the 4 matches very closely to my skin and then the 1 brings light and brightness but only where I need it.

Love it. This is O.G. product that can't be beat!

Firstly let me start off with...If you're bleach or light blonde ..go with 02_taupe ...NOT the lightest shade. I am a natural blonde but I lighten it which means my brows are naturally clear so I been penciling in my brows well before it was even a thing on YouTube ok? Im a pro at this. And...This is the perfect shade for us light blondes! Its just the perfect pencil. Benefit got it right and Anastasia cany even compete.

My perfect workday palette

This palette is so versatile and perfect for the work place. Its just creamy, blendable and beautiful. And did I mention the smell?!?!? Like raw amazingness. I have one of my coworkers running out to grab this same palette this weekend after grabbing swatches off of mine and realizing how much of a wonderful palette this is. Even the mirror is perfect for touch ups during the work day and the packaging is perfect. Of I designed a line ...the packaging and color choices would be these. This is a MUST in every girls arsenal. O find myself going into it even when I am working out of other palettes just to dig out the perfect transition shade or shade to lay down over my primer. I am IN LOVEEEE!!


Whyyyyy!!! This promised to be so good!! I barely have any texture because I never had acne and my pores are decent. This stuff makes my pores look so big!! So today I put on tatcha silk canvas then professional over top just to be so sure they were covered. Do you know this stuff still sat in my pores. Got me all insecure about my skin and stuff. I'm gonna try mixing it with other foundations because I hate to waste the money. It makes me so sad this didn't work out.

Omg I'm in LOVE

Could I love a powder any more??? I think NOT. This stuff is magic and I own or have owned basically every powder on the market. This stuff is beautiful. Not at all a let down. I'm not even tempted to try her new powder. Why should I? This stuff is perfection. If you deal with any signs of aging...please buy this. Use a small brush and lightly tap all over the face. You will be astonished

Still figuring this one out

I have to say...I saw all the review and was so excited. My under eyes are my problem area. I deal with horrible hereditary circles and now that I'm 36 I have some fine lines and creasing that I'm not used to. So u can see why I was so excited over this. So far over used it a few times. It has real potential it's just gotten four stars because it promised to be spanx for your eyes and it's not giving me any extra tightening, lifting, less creasing. It just appears to be a little more moisturizering but no different in any other way from my other 5 billion expensive concealers I just wish for once any company would produce a product that follows through on ALL of it's big claims