Beauty Product Reviews

I love it!

I put it in the morning right before applying my mascara and it makes a huge difference. People have noticed that my eyelashes look longer since I've been using this product :)

So-so for oily skin, but it's good.

I never used BB cream before so can't compare, but I like it. I really see a difference, it really gives me a glowing skin. But if you have a pimple that is really red, you still need to use something to cover it. The only thing is that I have oily skin so it makes it even more oily. I have to use matifying powder on my nose and forehead after ...

At first yes and then no

The first time a bought this mascara, I was amazed. It really did the fake eyelash effect for me. But when it was over and I went to buy another one, it was a different story. It was making so many clumps, I couldn't even put it on. I exchanged it for a Christian Dior mascara ... but it doesn't do the same effect :( I may try it again one day. I'll just make sure to open the mascara and see if there are clumps before.

Amazing product

I went at a Benefit counter and the girl showed me this product and I fell in love with it. When you use this properly, it makes an amazing effect. It's also a great product to use for photo session. I use it on my cheek bone, under my eyebrows and in the inner conner of my eyes. A must have! :)