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Gorgeous Is An Understatement!

This palette is so beautiful, pictures truly do not do it any justice! This palette has such great pigmentation. The shadows are so buttery and soft... Natasha Denona has gone back to her original tried and true formula with this palette and it does not disappoint! I was a little worried at first glance when I saw this palette due to all the Gold shades, but I was pleasantly surprised at how different each of the gold shades actually are. They are stunning in person and have so much dimension. I absolutely can not get enough of this gorgeous palette!

Power Players!

What can I say, except for this duo is amazing!

The cleansing balm works so well. It instantly melts on your skin and helps break down all sorts of makeup, even makeup that claims to be budge-proof. When you add a little bit of water to it, it turns into a milky consistency and really breaks everything down. It doesn't strip your skin or leave behind any sort of heavy residue, like other cleansing balms tend to leave most of the time, which is actually really great for my combo skin. My skin ends up feeling really clean and comfortable afterwards.

The moisturizer though is by far my all time favorite! It has a really cool gel-cream texture. It's so lightweight that it truly feels like it quenches your skin on contact. Your skin never feels heavy... it just sinks in so beautifully so you know your skin is definitely going to be hydrated all day long!

I love these products and truly love this brand as a whole!

Beautiful Skin in a Bottle!

This is by far one of my all time HOLY GRAIL foundations. Whenever I want my skin to just look perfect, this is the foundation I reach for. There is something so special about the formulation that just works miracles on your skin. It glides on evenly, regardless of which tool is used to apply (brush or beautyblender) and never looks cakey. I have some hyperpigmentation issues and this foundation covers it all without it ever looking or feeling heavy at all. I will never see myself without this in my collection. I just absolutely love it!!!!

Flawless Skin Instantly!

This powder paired with my Wayne Goss brush #00 is no joke. It is the perfect duo... at least for me ;-) This finishing powder is so finely milled and truly gives such a flawless finish to the skin. It achieves that soft focus blur and never looks cakey or dull. The medium coverage powder melts right into the skin, but still allows the skin to look beautiful and appear natural. This powder pairs well over so many foundations that I have tried it with and I truly believe it to be the perfect powder!


I can't live without this brush! I truly can't seem to put it down. I use this for just about everything... setting and finishing powders, bronzers, blushes... even highlighters sometimes! The shape is so different than anything else I have ever used because of that tapered end. It reaches every corner and contour of my face which truly makes it perfect for pretty much everything! No wonder this brush was turned into a permanent fixture in his line. I love it!

Glowing Skin

So unlike any other Natasha Denona highlighter. It’s an amazing new formulation that is so finely milled with the most intense glow that I have seen from her yet! I was worried that it wouldn't show up well on my skin, as I am a bit more medium/tan in skintone, but this looked so amazing! This highlighter gives off the prettiest glow I have personally ever seen! It can be used lightly for that ethereal look, but is also extremely buildable to glow for the Gods, so to speak! If you are on the fence, just go ahead and take the risk, because you will not regret it! This is by far my new favorite. I highly recommend it!

Pigmented and Blendable!

What can I say... you can never go wrong with anything by Natasha Denona! These contour powders have been no exception. These powders have some amazing pigmentation, but unlike other powder contours, these do not lose out on blendability. The quality and performance of these powders are by far one of my all time favorites. You really don't need to go too dark in shade to make this show up on your skin. A little goes a long way! These look extremely natural and do not give off that more golden bronzer look... they really offer that shadow contour. If you are looking for a contour powder that offers great performance and looks natural, look no further! I absolutely love these!

Guilt Free Polish!

How can you go wrong with a nail polish line that is formulated without all the crazy chemicals other brands use and lasts even longer than most! You just can't ;-)

This 8-free nail polish delivers such vibrant color in one coat and an incredible shine that truly looks like an at spa manicure without all the guilt.

The brush shape really ensures the most precise application you can get with a polish and it lasts so long. I can even be washing dishes without the worry!

This nail polish has far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely continue buying more amazing shades!

Achieve that Airbrushed Finish

This brush is extremely beautiful and so convenient. The handle fits so perfectly in my hand for great control. I love utilizing it with all of my loose powders for setting my foundation and under-eye concealer. You can really achieve that airbrushed finish without much effort at all.

This brush's shape holds powder so well and offers me great product distribution and control. It diffuses powders onto my skin so evenly without moving any of my foundation underneath. Powders glide on with ease, giving me a very natural finish. Not heavy or cakey looking at all!

The PETA-approved synthetic Taklon bristles that this brush is made with are extremely soft and comfortable on the skin. They give such a luxurious feel when using it, specially when paired with my Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder. These truly make a Power Couple that can't be beat!

You'll never go back to another brush!

I have tried plenty of eyebrow brushes from different brands and don't get me wrong, they get the job done, but not as well as the #14 from ABH. This brush is literally the best I have ever used!

This brush is so slim and is stiff enough to really mimic hair-like strokes on the eyebrows, which really makes my brows look so natural when using a powder or pomade product to define them.

The size of the brush makes it easy to use and feels so comfortable to hold in my hand. Plus having the added spoolie on the opposite end is extremely convenient for blending. I don't have to worry about fussing around, trying to find a separate brush to blend with.

The firm synthetic bristles are easy to clean in between applications, which really makes it convenient for me when I am switching from powder to cream products.

If you are struggling to find the perfect precision tool for your brows... look no further than the ABH #14. You won't regret it!

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