Beauty Product Reviews

You won't regret

This is my first-ever Natasha palette. I was so happy when I finally had it delivered to my house. This palette is just everything. I wouldn't say the formula is creamy, but it is very pigmented. The picture was after I swatch some colours on my hand, and there were still this much of eyeshadows staying on my finger! I haven't never touched any eyeshadow with such high pigmentation. And look at that metallic shades, they look so soft and fancy. Another thing that I like Natasha's palette is that every shade in there looks elegant and expensive, her colour-design kills anything else in the market. And the Lila palette, it is wearable and you can create a lot of warm tone looks with it. It definitely worth 129 dollars without doubt for me. Although I have found the bluey purple shade is a bit hard to apply evenly

So pretty

This kit includes 6 different shades, they're so different and stunning. You can tell the blue/purple showing within the highlight when you're turning your face around which is absolutely flattering. All these color will look even better under flashlights in your selfies.