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Love this eye cream,,, Use every thing CT,, changed once then came back ro CT,, NOT going to ever change again....

left hair greasy.....

Bumble and Bumble usually the best... Not this one...or the leave in day spay, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A HIGH DOLLAR PRODUCT, YOU HAVE TO PAY POSTAGE TO RETURN... Left hair Very Flat, Very Greasy,,,w ant to send back to Beautylish for Refund with the SAVE the day spay,, but,, do not want to pay returned postage,,, Beautylish should send prepaid return for free label for things that you just cannot use,,,

first time for this

ordered for first time,, and will repurchase,, best thing in the world for that extra moisture you need when you color your hair,, Love B and B Love Beautylish

Thank you Beautylish


Best Shampoo ever,, If you have color treated hair,, this is the shampoo for you,,, Have used B and B a long time... great for the hair,,, Came quickly...


B and B Best ever,,,,always have good results with this brand.


have not used yet,,,

I read a lot about this before I purchase... Most of the reviews were good,, as so I will try ,, just do not know when,, as You get older,, which I am, you need o cut way back on your make up... which I am doing this also... hope I like it... but as of now,,, Cannot do an honest review...

great product

this is the shampoo that help my hair.. my hairdresser wanted me to use this brand I did and love everything they make ...only one product i cannot use,,, but called Beautylish and they immediately issued refund and I sent product back,, so how can you go wrong ?


After first use,, see difference,,love Bumble and Bumble... Thank you Beauty for selling this product,, love to shop with beautylish,, Wish you would carry the product Fresh skincare,, have switch from Charlotte Tillsbuy to Fresh Skincare,, and this is the greatest product ever for your skin..


Need a small travel size,,, 3/4 oz...if you have it .. Please let me know.... flying ,, is too large to take on plane,, like to take cosmetics, jewelry on plane.

Great night cream

Been using Charlotte Tilbury for a long time,, I keep doing the same review as I am ask for it... it is pricey, but,use everything Charlotte Tilbury, so I pay the price,, I want to Thank Beth at Beautylish , for always cheerfully helping need when I need help with something on the Beautylish site,, The night cream is great..very thick,, you only use a small amount and gently massage in, your face,, never pulling on your face, gently in small round circle,, Love it,, Love everything about Charlotte Tilbury, and Thank you Beautylish...

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