Charlotte Tilbury Take It All Off

Charlotte Tilbury

Take It All Off


Without knowing it, we are our own worst enemies – all that rubbing and scrubbing to remove your eye make-up pulls your delicate eye contour downwards, creating bags and lines that age your skin! Take It All Off ensures that, no matter how much of a mascara addict you are, every last lashing of mascara and makeup is instantly dissolved and cleared in a Shake, Pump, Soak & Swipe!

Take It All Off is an oil-rich, two-toned cleanser, enriched with soothing organic cornflower water and regenerating Veronica Extract. Two pumps effortlessly removes even the hardest to shift makeup in one swipe, whilst also caring for and replenishing make-up wearied eyes. It’s one of the seven wonders for your skin!

  • Organic Cornflower water soothes skin and clarifies complexion.

  • Flax Flower Extract, cultivated in the Swiss Alps, is a calming, soothing anti-oxidant.

  • Veronica Extract soothes and softens skin and enhances the skin’s natural process of regeneration.

  • Paraben Free

5.1 oz / 150 ml


An easy-to-follow application ritual for sparkling refreshed, full cleansed eyes:
• Shake the bottle well to blend the oil and water layers together.
• Pump the applicator twice, with a wet cotton pad on top.
• Soak the eyelid by placing the cotton pad over closed eyes and hold down for 10 seconds.
• Swipe outwards, from the nose, to remove your make-up and any excess formula.
Never rub your eye socket as this will age the delicate eye region. To remove truly stubborn make-up simply repeat the process above. Take It All Off is also very effective at removing lipstick.

Additional Tip:

A cotton bud soaked in Take It All Off can be your best friend when trying to perfect eye make-up application. Cheat the perfect eye line by running the cotton bud under and above the eye line for the clean, crisp perfect!