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Love the products

Love the products But my surprise was two of the things were duplicates so I got two lip glasses that were the exact same color… And no broad variety of any color in there… The pencils were the only thing with variety

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My favorite take along... been with me on trips to India... and always complimented about the colors... easy fingertip application... smooth and silky... eye catching colors... was totally surprised and pleased with this little pallet

Why is there not a waitlist so I can get the product… Ever ties it goes on sale at 9 o’clock tonight and it already says out of stock before his 9 o’clock… I will wait to place another order with the company when they have this item in stock

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Love it

I've always been just kind of a BB cream kind of girl. Not too much on heavy make up but I decided to try this after listening to Wayne Goss. I even purchased pallets so I can introduce it to my friends. I have sold other make up products but I will always support this is the best foundation.

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I've never used any of their foundations before and figured this would be the best way to find the right shade for me... and there's also the added convenience that I can do my friends makeup and show her how to improve. I really like the wear of this cream foundation. This light on my skin. Can't wait to buy more

The go everywhere brush

I wish I would have bought more than one so I could leave one at home and keep the other one in my bag... These brushes are so soft and this one can do just about anything for a touch-up on the go