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6 Part Palette

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Beverly E.
Best product makes your skin look flawless

Please hurry and bring back # 5 - 6 part palette we love it so much and are very greatful you have stayed a company that cares about the quality of your product that the middle woman can afford....great job you guys ;-) Thank You ladyedan62@gmail.com Can't wait till its back !

Leslie T.
Love it

I've always been just kind of a BB cream kind of girl. Not too much on heavy make up but I decided to try this after listening to Wayne Goss. I even purchased pallets so I can introduce it to my friends. I have sold other make up products but I will always support this is the best foundation.

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Jaime T.


Deisy R.

They need to bring it back .. I've been waiting for this one for too long 😩.. this is my favorite and I've tried different ones but nothing like this one please please bring it back.

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Catharine W.
everything & more wayne goss said!

So I was a hard core Chanel user until I watched Wayne Goss on Youtube- I'm getting older & the Chanel colors, I found, not as true as they once were- tried the VK11 pallett & flipped out! not only is the pigment amazing but I LOVE how my skin looks after I take this makeup off! The #5 are the more popular colors I use in the VK11 pallett. I wish I had known about this product so many Chanels ago! love love love & obsessed will never ever go back!

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Cindy L.

When I first got the package in the mail I was surprised to see that it was so small!!! For some reason I thought the product would be bigger; I still can't get over how small it is. However, I'm in love with this product! It's great for the under eyes as a brightening concealer; it doesn't dry out that sensitive area nor does it crease. I've also used this product as a foundation and I'll probably never touch any of my other liquid foundations again! A little goes a long was and I recommend warming it up with ur fingers before applying to face. I found that taking a small spatula, or the end of your makeup brush to take out the product works best. Also, using a metal palette or surface is better than the back of your hand so you don't waste any product! Love love love it!

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Maurisa R.

I have recently switched to only using cruelty free cosmetics and have been slowly replacing items in my collection. I was researching foundations and stumbled on RCMA while on youtube so i decided to give it a try, when i recieved my #5 palette and started usong it immediately and i will never go back to traditional foundation! This is very natual and so so beautiful on the skin, i love that i will be covered all year long and my complection never looks flat like with other foundations i have tried. I cant wait to get more RCMA products, i have already ordered a white shade and the no color powder. I am so grateful to be able to use these amazing products and know that they do not value money over morals and will continue to be a loyal customer for life ❤

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Vanessa R.
Im lovin it!

Now that I know my colors I have enough to last me for days!

leti c.

So I'm a 37 years old mother and stepmother of a total of 7 kids. Two who are on the autism spectrum and two with bipolar&ptsd disorder. I have dedicated my life to my children and hubby. I used to have good skin when I was younger and never wore face makeup but now I have adult acne. 😢. I have no time for regimens. But I try to take care of my skin. For the first time I'm thinking about myself and want to look beautiful or at least feel beautiful. So I found Mrs. Goss on YouTube and he likes this makeup. Since I don't know how to use makeup and I have sensitive skin I decided to purchase this one. I put it on how he recommended in some videos with my fingers and omg!! I felt like a pro! 😉. It covers great and I can do my makeup and mascara, eyeliner within 5 minutes!! Plus I don't feel like it's caked on. I got so emotional the first time because I felt good after putting it on. Thank you so much it really means a lot to me. Especially when I have hardly anytime for me. Just wanted to share this while I'm waiting for my sons sleeping medication to kick in, so that I won't fall asleep. 😋. So anyone who wants a wonderful makeup try this one it's so worth it!! -Autism Awareness-

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Tricia L.

Lovely finish. I really love be that it matches my skin tone exactly, even if I've gotten a few hours of sunlight. My one gripe is that it is not long lasting. It creases after about 6 hrs., however, in my line of work ( I'm an ICU nightshift RN) that is pretty good. In love with it so far. I warm it on the back of my hand and I find that the tiniest bit is enough for my entire face, concealer and all. I blend it in with a damp beauty blender and set with Makeup Forever translucent setting powder, and spritze with Skindinavia setting spray

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