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BEST primer for dry skin

I can't go back to any other primer!!! It preps my skin so well and makes all the foundations last longer!

world's best sunscreen

My skin always gets irritated by facial sunscreens. Have tried sooooo many different brands and products, and this is THE BEST! If you have sensitive skin or you've never got along with SPF, try this one. No irritation at all, sits well under makeup, perfect for everyday use.


Perfect gift for your girlfriends and they're just so handy to go into your purses!!! JS formula is the best on the market when it comes to liquid lips. He created the best shades and they just last all day, extremely great for working days when you just don't have time to touch up and you still have coffees haha LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


considering getting smoke as well... the only downside is that it did not last a full day. I'd say up to 5 hours...


FULL FULL COVERAGE but still skin-like. And it lasts a full day from 8am to 8pm!!! I mix it with light wonder from CT to give it a bit more dew and it looks AMAZING!!! New go-to foundation on working days!!!


I ordered this foundation twice and neither worked out. First time i got it it was already looking bad. It didn't come out even and there's particle and translucent fluid and it just looked disgusting. I contacted customer service, and the girl replied and said if after shaking it still come out this way then don't use it, it had probably gone bad and they'd do refund for me without requiring me sending back the item. I accepted the refund, but still wanted to try the product so i asked her if it was random case and if I should order it again. The girl said that they got the same feedback several times but she could remark my order and helped to get a good normal one. So I ordered for the second time and it still came this way. Sadly I had to contact the customer service again and sent over pictures again. I even compared the 2 bottles and they were the same kinda not even. The second one even looked worse. HOWEVER this time the customer service was ridiculous!!! Funny enough, the girl asked me if the newer one smelled the same as the bad one, and did it come out evenly. I said it smelled the same as the bad one, and it did not come out evenly. She said oh then they're fine! I did not understand at all how would they be fine, and then she insisted that she checked the ones in the office and they should be that way. She said "I don't believe they went bad, however if you wish to return..." I never calculated but i think i'm spending over 2k USD on Beautylish every year and I do not take advantage of return policy anywhere. I sent over pictures one more time showing her that it did not even blend on my hand...and she replied and said "it's just a bit thinner...while we normally need the item for return for a refund, i can as a one time courtesy refund you for the foundation s with no return required." So ladies and gentlemen, I paid 90USD to get the same foundation twice, both turned out bad and I had to write all these emails to convince a rude girl that they're not normal?! and what, you're refunding with COURTESY?! Excuse Me?!

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Love the aqua foundation soooooo much that it was my travel go-to. However the glass bottle broke in my travel makeup bag a few month back. Purchase another bottle of course. Then I got this specifically for travels. So far so good! Do not feel any difference although it doesn’t have SPF?

was expecting more

i think i placed order for this item the minute it was available on Beautylish. I bought beauty glow about one month prior to this purchase and i really really enjoyed that one. So when this smoky and limited baby came out i just couldn't not buy it. I do appreciate that there's a black shadow in it. However, the other 2 eye shadow shades are just so-so and very oddly, they just do not last as well as the shades in the beauty glow palette. The highlight shade also definitely disappointed me. It doesn't have that great light reflecting effect that i was expecting, and I definitely had that expectation met with the beauty glow palette. I do like the bronze shade (Feels a bit less warm than beauty glow bronzing shade) and the blushers (it's really flattering). Overall, it's still a good palette, i feel that i works better for my winter makeup looks and beauty glow for summer. I will be bringing them on my trips, i feel that this whole concept is still awesome for travelling women because it's so easy on the go.

Did I get a bad one?

It's really great for powder but...I feel that I might be the only person feeling it quite stiff on my face...or did I get a bad one? Really confused since everyone says how soft it is...

Best thing ever

I used up one non-waterproof version only for bottom lashes. However when I got this waterproof one, I tried it on my top lashes as well and could not put it down ever since. It is not the type of mascara that gives you drama on your lashes. But if you're like me and you enjoy enhanced eyelash look for everyday then this is perfect! It makes very noticeable difference but still looks natural, and that's exactly what I love. Will repurchase for sure.

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