Beauty Product Reviews

Lincoln Park After Dark

This is without question, the greatest nail polish shade in the history of the world. Not remotely close to joking or exaggerating. It's simply perfect. Every woman should own. It's already a classic in my mind and should be a staple for every woman repertoire.


Gorgeous palette, excellent in both neutrals and matte darks, but the standouts are the high impact glittery shades. You need very little product to create a gorgeous, eye-catching, fairy-like effect. The tutorial looks provided are great and so are all the products. The mascara was great, one of the better ones I've tried in a awhile and the gel liner is instant drama (a practiced hand is definitely required for proper application). I wasn't really impressed with the primer but I think that's negligible considering how fantastic the rest is. I also encourage everyone to get the gel blush and matching lipstain. Beautiful sheer, cherry-scented products than transition perfectly between day and night looks.


What would I do without Nico. We all know Nars makes the best blushes, no contest, but Nico is so much more! It's replaced Copacabana for me as a highlighter and has now, in all honesty, has replaced my finishing powder. Goes on silky and sheer rather than chalky, setting your makeup and providing illumination without getting your foundation crackly and pancake-looking. If the ever stop making it, I will have an even bigger meltdown than I did when Vincent Longo discounted his line on Sephora and my favorite concealer was lost to me forever!

Versatile shade (Blair Waldorf)

Very sophisticated shade. Both a pink and a plum color spectrum member, thus making it perfect for blending with other products to create a one-of-a-kind look. I use it to re-create a lip look I saw used on Gossip Girl on my fav character Blair Waldorf. I start with MAC Burgundy lipliner, filling in the entire lip. I follow with Fast Play, then blot once or twice with tissue. Once it feels "stained in" I light apply red lipstick (use your favorite shade, I use MAC Ruby Woo or Nars Flaming Dust), concentrating on the center of the pout and blot again. If it appear to red, rather them a well-blended plum wine shade, just pass over it with Fast Play again, always blotting in between and correcting lines and edges with the lipliner. Finally, a dab on Mac Lip Balm in Plum Perfect in the center, using my ring finger for light and controlled application. Voila, a glamorous lip look for a night out or a hot date!

Not for me.

Simple. Did the opposite of what it was supposed to do. Dried out my lips. actually, chapped them at times. Once was enough for me. I always go back to Rosebud...


What is the big fuss over this mascara?! After the first two weeks, it dries out and makes lashes brittle and clumpy. Also, I lost quite a few lashes trying to get it off! NOT A GOOD THING. Also not a fan of the rubber/plastic bristle wands!

Calling Angelina Jolie....

This is my go to for a nude lip look. I call it my "Angelina" lip, because when pairing it with other products, I get a really full, glamourous lip effect. To get that effect, I use Oak lip pencil, a sheer layer of Nars' Striptease lipgloss just enough to even out the lip pencil and add a little moisture, then a generous application of Myth, finished with a coat of Wildly Lush lipglass. Best used for a night look. For a more approachable daytime/office look, I would omit the lipglass and apply Myth a little more sparingly.

Good in a pinch, but doesn't inspire devotion...

At first I liked it, but I think it had more to do with novelty than quality. As time passed, I noticed that no matter what form of application you prefer, the result seemed streaky. I do prefer a more full coverage and perhaps that's too much to ask of a drugstore brand but Maybelline has always been my low-cost brand of choice. I've come to believe that their foundations are best suited for summer, where lighter coverage is desired or in an emergency situation.