Beauty Product Reviews


I have had the blurring beige for a few months now and I love how finely milled and honestly blurring it is as an all over powder. The sparkle is there but very, very subtle.

I bought the brightening pink as soon as it was back in stock and I tried to use it the same way. My complexion is already very light and this seemed to almost lighten it more. There was also a pearly sheen. This one was NOT for me as an all over face powder. However I did give it 5 stars because it does a stellar job brightening up my under eyes, even with no concealer. I have never used anything quite like it and I am so glad I bought it. Using it with the blurring beige is a favorite part of my routine.

Amazing product!

This just works. It smells wonderful (citrus), dries quickly, cleans easily and completely and the cost is so much lower than expected. Gentle enough for my Japanese brushes and equally effective for MAC brushes. It takes no time at all to use and I am so happy I purchased this. Definitely recommend.

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Glorious and fun

I’ll be honest - I mostly bought this because the photo swatch was beautiful and the packaging is magnificent. My first initial is also a “J” so having that engraved on my cosmetics is amazing. the packaging in very elaborate but the materials are very lightweight - plastic?

The color on the lips is very similar to the swatch phot, the formula is moisturizing and I would definitely buy more colors.

Gorgeous, compact, blendable

I have several Viseart palettes and I absolutely love the formulas. The rose edit has such beautiful cooler tones with wisteria being a huge highlight. I can use this for neutral looks, pink or coral looks or shimmery cool looks. I thought the petit palettes were the perfect size for travel but this is in the same vein just with an extra row of colors. Some fallout, but not enough to take away any stars. Dependable and beautiful quality as always.

Stunning and versatile

I love everything about this Palette - it has every finish you could want...cream, creamy powder, shimmer, glitter, everything. The extra packaging touch of having the clear plastic cover for the cream products is a pampering and useful feature. You can pick a beautiful flowy highlight but using the diamond highlight adds a gorgeous golden/champagne glitter finish that is perfect for décolletage especially in the summer. The pans are huge and will last forever...but I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase this if I ever panned them.


I absolutely couldn’t love this polish more. I chose this, hoping it would be a good neutral and really hoping it would live up to the $18 price tag. I wish I could explain this color - at times it is a neutral pink, sometimes a perfect nude, and always has a pink/purple sheen when the light hits it. It is gorgeous with only two coats and dries quickly. Staying power is also excellent. The polish is classic, elegant, understated but with that beautiful surprise sheen to it. I also purchased Doe my Deer and can confirm the polish formula is consistent. If I didn’t love Peaceful Paranoia’s color so much I would probably consider Doe My Deer my new favorite, I need more of these!


I have tried in vain to get my white brushes clean - somehow there is always a little color left in/on them. Using this product cleaned them back to Snow White. I was very impressed and will definitely continue to use and purchase.


I am truly a makeup addict and have been stepping into the super high end palettes lately. Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona are on my recents list and I am loving learning how to use them. I can makeup with MAC, Urban Decay, Anastasia, etc. but these are a challenge because they are AMAZING. The pigments are intense, the colors are breathtaking and I am so impressed. I bought the Darya palette before Lila and it is glorious. I also received Rayo and the 5 shadow palette 01 in the same shipment and I am so pleased. The entire process was simple, felt pampering and the packaging and personal touches all over the box were an experience alone. I am a new Beautylish customer and am overall just so impressed. 10/10 would recommend.