Beauty Product Reviews

Need a lift?

This is one of my favorite hair products! I spray it on while my hair is damp and blow dry to my desired style. It gives my hair that great lift -- and my hair is super flat with everything else. I always stock my kit with plenty of Thickening Spray so I don't run out. The best part is that it doesn't make my hair crunchy or sticky!

The best liner. Ever!

Hands down, my most favorite liquid liner I have ever been privileged to try! I knew the instant I first used it. The tip is so fine and precise, it makes matching winged lines so easy. The color is a deep black and you can work for 10-12 hours straight and it will still look brand new at the end of the day. However, it will remove with ease as well. Couple swipes of your favorite makeup remover will do the trick.

I really like how easy this product is to use. I have oily skin and it gives the right amount of moisture and cleansing. I tend to break out when I try new things but so far the Bioderma products I've been trying are really good to me! It's really helped my acne and pores and blemishes.

So in love with this lipstick!

I feel bad for all my other lipsticks! (and I have tons) I have most of the colors, am medium to dark complexion and all the shades look great on me, even Dirty Money! It doesn't take too many swipes to get a good even coat that will last all day. Even though it's a long wearing matte, it leaves my lips moisturized and doesn't feel dry at all.

I love this eyebrow pencil! It's great for eyebrow beginners like me. The color matches my hair and brows well and the pencil goes on nice and smoothly. It fills in the brows very well and it's easy to use. The brush is nice; not too hard and helps shape the brow nicely. I would recommend this product to anyone to fellow brow beginners!

This liquid liner is one of my favorites. I like how precise the felt tip is and it's easy to use. Good for cat eyes and the color is a true black. It lasts all day and doesn't smudge. I have sensitive eyes and this liner doesn't irritate them. Great overall go-to liner!