Ardency Inn

Punker Rock On Waterproof Liquid Liner


Roz N.
Definitely a new favorite!

I love the fact that the tip is so fine that it's super quick and easy to draw on my cat eye wings now! I had it on for about 5 hours when I wiped my eye and forgot I had it on, and when I went to check to see if I smudged it, it looked the exact same. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a long lasting, easy to apply eyeliner!

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Kaitlyn T.
Doesn't budge at all.

I've ordered this liner about three months ago and I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy it. It doesn't move even with my oily lids. I've tried many other brands that have flaked or smudged off throughout the day, but this one holds up. I have even worn it in the pool just to see its lasting power; the wing lives on even in water. During a nap or when I accidentally rub my eyes, I don't end up like a raccoon. I'm still using the one from three months ago and it hasn't dried up and still glides on like a dream. It also comes off really easy with a makeup wipe. Not saying it's a good idea, but if you wear this to, it'll still look amazing in the morning ahah. Oh, and I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes the felt on the tips of other liners fray and I end up having to cut off loose ends or even just having to buy another one, but this one stays sharp.

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Melanie C. Team
pitch black. fine point. easy to use.

So I'm a devoted liner junkie to the Anna Sui Gel Eyeliner and the last time I used a liquid liner pen was the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (Which I was devoted to for a long time prior as well). But the Ardency Inn one, whew! This one works just as great as the KVD one if not better. The KVD one I felt would get a little "loose" in the tip after a while but this one is still firm and holding strong. The color is a rich black, dries quickly, and is so easy to use and control, that making a winged eye is a cinch. I love the slim feel of the liner pen too and it's great to quickly throw in your makeup bag.

While I do toggle between this and my Anna Sui, I think I've found a new HG liquid liner to keep in my makeup box all the time!

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Aldrie C. Team
The best liner. Ever!

Hands down, my most favorite liquid liner I have ever been privileged to try! I knew the instant I first used it. The tip is so fine and precise, it makes matching winged lines so easy. The color is a deep black and you can work for 10-12 hours straight and it will still look brand new at the end of the day. However, it will remove with ease as well. Couple swipes of your favorite makeup remover will do the trick.

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A C.
Black and great staying power

I tend to get oily lids after 3-4 hours of wear, andall eyeliners smudge to the bottom lid (have tried a lot in the past including Stila 24H, bobbi brown gel eyeliners, chanel, IT cosmetic, make up forever, many diff Korean brands, etc).

This one has the best staying power out of them all (slightly better than the Stila 24H). On comparing the ingredients of the Ardency Inn punker rock and Stila, they are remarkably similar and even the external packaging/tips feel almost the same. I buy this over the Stila one because its slightly more long wearing and blacker (but I do wonder if they're produced in the same factory as they are so similar).

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Sheetal P.
Best Liquid Eyeliner!!

This is hands down the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used. Better than MAC, Loreal, Inglot in my opinion. It's highly highly pigmented, MATTE, has a very fine tip for defining a precise cat eye. This is a must have for a quick lined eye and bright lip for run out-the-door kind of days. Packaging is great too, for travelling - very light and sturdy...I will definitely repurchase - this has become my Go-To eyeliner. Thank you Beautylish for carrying this and excellent customer service!!

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Emma A.
Long lasting, doesn't move

I wear liquid liner daily and I've tried a LOT of different eye liners. They don't lie when they say this one is thin...and boy is it. It gets extremely close to the lash line and then doesn't move. You can easily make it more dramatic or just let it be.

This would be one of my top makeup buys - top 5 indeed!!

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Jenna B.
One of my all time favorite liners
Jenna B.'s Review Image

This liner is so black and the felt tip is so perfect for winged liner. I am still a novice when it comes to getting my wings right and this has been a game changer for me!

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Christina H.
Holy Grail Liner!

I was loyal to my Stila Stay All Day liquid liner for years, until one day my fellow makeup junkie recommended me this one. The complaints I had about my Stila liner was that it ran out extremely quickly and the tip became too soft over time and would not give me a precise line. I always assumed it was because of the felt tip and brushed off this major flaw because there was nothing else better on the market.

However, this liner is extremely black and doesn't budge once applied to your eyes. The tip has stayed firm while still being extremely fine enough for any kind of winged liner. This is my second purchase of this eyeliner and I'm never going back!

Kelsey  R.
My new HG eyeliner

Easiest wing I've ever done! This liner makes it so easy with the felt tip. Lasts all day with no smudging.